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Top Ten Ways Cupping Can Boost Your Health and Beauty

August 13, 2019 5 min read

Top Ten Ways Cupping Can Boost Your Health and Beauty - Lure Essentials


Cupping therapy isn’t a one-trick pony – any treatment that’s been used for thousands of years has to have at least a few tricks up its sleeve. But because many people seek out cupping for one particular purpose, they may not be aware that it can offer so much more.

Let’s take a look at top ten benefits of cupping and how it can help life look and feel a whole lot better!

  1. Cupping for Skin Health

If aging, sagging skin is plaguing you (or you’re looking to prevent it altogether) facial cupping is an excellent alternative to pricey invasive treatments. Cups for the face are smaller and designed to fit the fine contours of the face to provide excellent ‘reverse massage’ and gentle suction to fight unwelcome lines and wrinkles. As a bonus, cupping over the face wakes up the skin, bringing fresh blood to the surface and helping the lymphatic system drain, which can aid in reducing puffiness and inflammation, leaving you with an all-over glow.

  1. Cupping for Headaches

Facial cupping doesn’t just benefit the skin; it can also alleviate common causes of headache pain. If you suffer from chronic or even occasional headaches, a facial cupping set can help target the root of the problem and bring you quick relief. Cupping over the sinus cavities in the face and forehead can help alleviate painful pressure, while cupping on the neck and upper back can pull tension from muscles that cause stress headaches to strike. Even migraines can be treated with cupping—many experts agree that migraines come from tension in the neck that spreads upward and prevents blood from passing; cupping can reduce this tension and increase blood flow to the head, reducing the lifespan of a migraine.

  1. Cupping for Stress and Tension

Stresscan affect the entire body whether you’re aware of it or not, but after spending the day walking around with your shoulders hunched up to your ears you can bet you’re going to feel it later. For some people, tension can get so bad that it can hurt to un-clench. Cupping massage can help by gently relaxing taut muscles and allowing them to get back to a more natural state. No time to relax? Take your cups into the shower and let the warm water help them work their magic. Just five minutes of cupping over tight, stressed areas will give you the same results as a deep tissue massage…so what was your excuse again?

  1. Cupping for Detox

Let’s talk about the lymphatic system for a moment. Lymph nodes run throughout the body and help keep fluids moving smoothly. But sometimes, lymph nodes can get clogged, causing a buildup of toxins under the skin. You may not see the evidence of this, but without intervention, clogged lymph nodes can wreak absolute havoc by causing lymphedema and other painful conditions. Cupping over the body can help keep your lymphatic system moving by breaking up areas of congestion and toxins so the body can flush them away.

  1. Cupping for Injuries

There’s a reason cupping is a favorite among the top athletes in the world. Cupping can help speed up healing by causing micro-trauma beneath the skin and pulling fresh blood to the surface. Like acupuncture, cupping over an area of injury ‘forces’ the body to focus all of its healing energy on that spot. Cupping over sprains or strains can reduce inflammation, help with pain relief, and promote faster healing.

  1. Cupping for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain isn’t just a physical issue—people who suffer from long-term pain can face tremendous emotional burdens as well. Once mobility is limited, the effects start to cause a ripple effect that’s hard to stop. Cupping can help ease the stress of chronic pain by zoning in on specific areas of the body and promoting healing and pain relief. For years, people have utilized cupping for chronic conditions, experiencing improvement in pain, range of motion, and mobility. If you experience pain brought on by a medical condition, injury, or garden variety aging, consider adding cupping to your day—you may see a bigger improvement than expected.

  1. Cupping for Gut Health

If you’ve experienced digestive issues you may think that reaching for the Pepto-Bismol is the only option—but cupping over the abdomen has many benefits and can help alleviate abdominal pain and discomfort. Because the suction from cupping can penetrate as much as four inches below the surface of the skin, cupping is an ideal practice for bloating, constipation, and healthy digestion. If you experience frequent upset stomachs, cupping may be an option for helping your gut get happy again.

  1. Cupping for Foot Pain

Have you ever woken up with shooting pains in your feet and ankles that make your first steps into the new day unbearable? That’s a classic sign of plantar fasciitis, a common condition that can cause pain and discomfort in the feet. The problem here lies in the connective tissue in the sole of the foot, and cupping on the bottoms of the feet can help stimulate this tissue, keeping it supple and improving blood flow to the area. The feet are chock full of nerves, so foot pain can easily cause issues in other areas of the body. Keeping the soles of your feet happy and pain free is a great way to prevent pain from springing up elsewhere.

  1. Cupping for Cellulite

One of the most popular uses for cupping is cellulite reduction. Celluliteoccurs when tiny globes of fat become trapped between the skin and the fascia, causing an uneven, dimpled appearance in the skin. Cupping over areas of cellulite can break up these fat deposits, not only stimulating them to get ‘unstuck’ but also helping them liquefy and drain, leading to smoother, firmer skin.

  1. Cupping for Trigger Points

Speaking of the fascia, cupping is the perfect way to deal with muscle knots and areas of tightness. The fascia runs throughout the entire body, acting as a sort of cling wrap between the skin and the muscles. When areas of the fascia become stuck, it can cause a buildup of pain, toxins, and inflammation. Working these knots can be difficult with traditional massage but cupping over these spots is the perfect way to deeply penetrate the skin and separate the layers so that the fascial adhesion can be reached and broken up. 

So if you consider cupping an ‘athlete’s treatment’ or just a trendy mark for celebrities to wear on the red carpet, think again! The beauty of an at-home silicone cupping set is that it’s not only effective it’s fast! If you’ve got health and beauty goals, adding cupping to your everyday regime will get you that much closer to achieving them!

Happy Cupping!


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