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What is Face Cupping and Does This Facial Rejuvenation Work?

What is Face Cupping and Does This Facial Rejuvenation Work? - Lure Essentials

For thousands of years, practitioners of Eastern Medicine have used facial massage as a means of healing the body as well as for anti-aging and beautification. Though the concept of cupping gained notoriety thanks to the cupping marks on Michael Phelps’ back during the Summer 2016 Olympic games, cupping for the face is gentle and relaxing, and doesn’t leave you marked. In fact, the results are so profound that internationally renowned beauties like Miranda Kerr, Uma Thurman, Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian have made it an indispensable part of their facial routines. 

With all of the gimmicks on the market, you might be wondering just how, exactly, facial cupping can tone and define your facial contours, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, relieve tired eyes, naturally raise sagging eyebrows, increase collagen and elastin production, improve the efficacy of any topical serum or cream and enhance your lips. Simply, it boils down to good circulation, exercising your muscles, healing your fascia and taking care of your state of mind.


Above all else, improving circulation is critical for supporting your skin’s health. Facial cupping ensures the movement of fresh, oxygenated blood to the face which delivers essential healing nutrients to the problem areas. Beyond that, facial cupping stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to rid your body of the toxins, pathogens and cellular debris that keep you from looking radiant. As the lymphatic system doesn’t rely on the heart for movement throughout the body, it can be stimulated and supported through cupping the skin which directly assists in removing pathogens and in strengthening the body’s immune system. When it comes to draining the fluid that builds up overnight, facial cupping is especially potent in the morning and can help you to deal with the puffiness you see under your eyes. It’s important to note that the lymphatic system is located throughout the body, so it’s best to support it holistically. Check out our past blog to see how to do it.

The face is full of muscles (forty-three, precisely). These muscles, also known as mimetic muscles, control our facial expressions and after years of showing the world how we’re feeling, they cause wrinkles at right angles to the muscles’ action lines. As with the muscles throughout the rest of our bodies, it’s necessary to exercise them to keep them strong and tight. Long neglected, proper care for these muscles is what helps us to tame wrinkles and fine lines. Gently massaging the face with Lure Essentials’ Glam Cupping Facial Set will help to break down adhesions and tone the skin. Just as doing daily squats can help to lift and tone your glutes, regular facial cupping will improve your face’s muscle tone and give you tighter skin.


Unlike a regular massage which relieves tension by applying positive pressure to the tissue and muscles, cupping uses negative pressure to lift blood capillaries and muscles towards the surface of the skin. This negative or reverse pressure is also known as myofascial decompression and the vacuum-like suction that occurs during cupping separates the fascia, thus allowing the body’s blood vessels to expand to increase the free flow of fresh blood to the area in question. Much like the thin, white skin you see under an orange peel or the tissue that resembles plastic wrap that surrounds raw meat, fascia relies on good circulation to remain elastic. We all know that as we age, we lose elasticity in the face which can lead to a loss of volume. Luckily, facial cupping can help to release blocks in the fascia to improve muscle tone – an essential component of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.   

Finally, taking care of your physical appearance requires taking the time you need every day to take care of yourself! Facial cupping is an incredibly pleasant and relaxing experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, stress and tension free and rejuvenated. When used as directed, facial cupping comes with no painful stretching or pulling of the skin – just a gentle glide action that feels oh so good. You can also take comfort in this inexpensive investment in yourself as the cups are durable, easy to maintain, easy to use, compatible with all skin types, easy to take with you on your travels and 100% free of any inflammatory PVC, plastic or phthalates. Devoting a bit of time to yourself every day will also give you fewer reasons to frown and intensify those wrinkles.

In a nutshell, Lure Essentials’ Glam Facial Cupping Setwill empower you to become your own master facialist. Forget surgery, derma fillers, pain, and downtime – in less than five minutes per day, these easy to use, pliable, silicone cups will allow you to enjoy the professional facial and cupping massage that was previously only available to the stars. Working with the cups to apply gentle suction on the face, you will help you to mimic the brisk finger massage strokes that magician estheticians use during their facials. By toning your muscles, improving your circulation, healing your fascia and taking a bit of time to relax and love yourself, you can expect to see fewer wrinkles, a brighter complexion and to experience an overall sense of wellbeing.