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Cellu-Nope! Cupping and Your Weight-Loss Journey

February 18, 2019 4 min read

Cellu-Nope! Cupping and Your Weight-Loss Journey - Lure Essentials

The temperatures might be chilly, but spring is just around the corner—if you’re like many people, you may be interested in shrinking a few sizes and debuting your best spring skin, and now is the perfect time to start. If weight loss and cellulite reduction is high on your list of personal goals, consider how cupping could help you pave the way to smoother skin.

To understand how cupping can help you banish cellulite and other weighty skin concerns, let’s first take a deeper look at the mechanics behind cellulite and why it seems to strike some people more than others. Cellulite is usually an inherited condition born from a combination of fluid build-up, problems with lymphatic drainage, and poor circulation. As this perfect storm brews beneath the skin, fat cells are transformed into cellulite. When cellulite cells become trapped, they push against the fascia and you end up with the telltale lumps and dimples on your skin. You don’t have to be overweight to have problems with cellulite, and weight loss is not always enough to banish it completely. Like stretch marks, cellulite can leave its mark even after weight loss goals are met.

It’s frustrating when hard work does not lead to results, and for many people the appearance of cellulite can cause a great deal of stress and self-consciousness. However, unlike other aspects of weight-loss, there are some fairly simple ways to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite, and one of the most effective is through cupping therapy. The application of cups to areas of cellulite can have a positive effect on the skin—not to mention it’s fast and easy! Cupping a few times a week for a few minutes at a time can bring a huge change that will have you ready to break out your spring wardrobe.

How can cupping help?

Cupping massage, along with diet and exercise, is one of the most effective ways to help break up cellulite. As we’ve mentioned, a combination of factors lead to the appearance of cellulite, and cupping is a great option for targeting each of those specific issue. The suction created by the cups helps to ‘unclog’ the lymphatic system, reducing fluid retention and helping to boost healthy circulation. Without good blood flow and proper drainage, fluid can get trapped under the skin, leading to issues in feel and appearance.

Cupping also has a major effect on the fascia. When fat cells get trapped under the skin, they can get ‘welded’ to the fascia, which is the network of tissue that lies beneath the skin to help our muscular system move smoothly and freely. Cupping helps provide deep but gentle penetration of the skin to the fascia, separate the stuck layers, and free those fat cells.

And the best part? Body cupping feels amazing! Not only will it get your skin into shape and help with your weight loss journey, it can also help ease the sore muscles that arrive after a great workout. Cupping is easy to incorporate into your day, whether you do it in the shower or for end-of-the-day relaxation. You’ll not only see a rapid improvement in the look and feel of your skin, you’ll also experience less inflammation and quicker recovery time from muscle pain. 

Cupping at home

A massage may be a once-in-a-while treat, but you can enjoy cupping right from the comfort of your home. The key is finding the right cupping option for your needs. If you’re plagued by cellulite, stretch marks, or just want to help keep your skin smooth and elastic during weight loss, there is a cupping solution for you.

For cellulite: Try the Sculpt Anti-Cellulite Set! It was specifically designed as a cellulite blaster, and not only will it help with the underlying issues that cause lumps and bumps, it will also help anti-cellulite products, such as Boost anti-cellulite oil, absorb better, improving your skin from the inside out.

For tone: If your skin is just looking blah and you need a little lift, give Bliss a try! Blissface and body cups come in a variety of sized, specifically designed to fit your body’s contours and give you the tone and curves you’re looking for. As a bonus, the Bliss face cups can help battle loose and sagging skin for an instant ‘face-lift’ effect. Using the Bliss system for a few minutes a day will get your entire body camera-ready in just a few weeks!

For extra fat-blasting:For even more help with your problem areas, try a cellulite massager. Massagers come in a wide variety, can be used on wet or dry skin, and will help break up fat cells and start improving lymphatic draining even more quickly.

Don’t forget the oil! Even the parts of your skin that are hard to love deserve a little TLC. Boost Cellulite Massage and Cupping Oil is a great accompaniment to any anti-cellulite regime and will not only target cellulite with a therapeutic blend of rosemary, orange, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils, it will also nourish and moisturize your skin to give you an all-over feel-good glow.

Don’t forget to keep your skin in mind as you’re dropping pounds. Treat it well, and you will be able to debut your slimmer figure with stunning skin!