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Cupping Therapy for Digestion and Abdominal Stagnation

August 15, 2019 4 min read

Cupping Therapy for Digestion and Abdominal Stagnation - Lure Essentials

Bloated? Cupping Can Help Soothe the Stomach

When you partake on any weight-loss journey, it’s important to understand your inner workings and analyze how what you’re putting into your body is affecting how it looks on the outside. One culprit that can add to your silhouette even if the numbers on the scale are dropping is the dreaded bloat. Whether water weight or excess gas are weighing you down, no one wants to feel like a balloon when they’re doing their best to eat right. But the truth is, eating right may bring on secondary issues that can and will swell your stomach.

Did You Know? Salad and Fruits Can Bring On Belly Bloat

Adding healthier elements to your diet, especially roughage, may cause painful gas buildup in the stomach. Diet favorites such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and even apples and berries all have elements that can wreak havoc when eaten in large quantities. Nutrients, like soluble fiber, and natural sugars, such as fructose, have the potential to fill your stomach with more than just food, and the result is not only unpleasant to see, it can also be painful.

Cutting Corners? Watch Your Salt

If your diet strategy includes pre-prepped diet meals, you may be cutting fat and calories, but adding a heaping serving of sodium. While the occasional microwavable meal won’t hurt, relying too much on these shortcuts can cause bloat in the form of excess water weight. That means that the pounds you see coming off on the scale might not be fat, but water leaving your system.

However, there is a way to help your digestive system move more smoothly, even in the face of these diet-downers.

Cupping and Digestion

You may think of cupping as more of a pain relief solution, but the truth is that cupping can help your digestive system work more smoothly. Just like cupping over a painful muscle can help unblock congestion and get fluids under the skin moving, cupping clockwise over the abdomen can work to help improve digestion, and relieve constipation.

How does it work? When you cup over the abdomen, you can expect to see a wide range of benefits. The suction has the ability to penetrate up to four inches below the skin; that can help to increase the secretion of fluids that are necessary for healthy digestion, as well as aid the overall circulation in your digestive tract.   These fluids not only help you flush out water and toxins, they also play a huge role in helping nutrients absorb in the body. The ‘reverse massage’ effect, when done over the abdomen, is able to stimulate the digestive organs, much the same way they stimulate the muscles. That means that cupping can help clear colon blockages, break down fat, and help digestion work more smoothly overall. When you cup regularly over your abdomen, blockages and toxins start to be released and you may see an overall improvement in the look and feel of your stomach, a reduction in gas and bloating, and a decrease in water weight.

Better digestion can have a positive snowball effect for the rest of your body. When your digestive system is healthy and operating as it should, nutrients can then be properly absorbed, which will lead to better bodily functions and better health overall.   

What Kind of Cupping is Best?

First and foremost, you want to be gentle when cupping over the abdomen. While you are still looking for good suction, you want to be mindful that your abdominal skin may be more sensitive and susceptible to cupping kisses than other parts of the body. That said, a cupping system for the body, such as the ZENcupping set, is a great place to start. These cups are easy to manipulate, come in 2 sizes, and are ideal for at-home use. Unlike the back or shoulders, self-cupping the abdomen is easy and you can start to see results after cupping for just five minutes a few times a week.

There’s no reason that food should be the enemy when it comes to healthy eating. If your attempts at improving your intake are causing you to swell, give cupping a shot! Not only will you feel better, you’re also going to love the way you look!


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