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Cupping for Headache Relief

Cupping for Headache Relief - Lure Essentials


Few things can bring your day to a grinding halt quite like the pain of a persistent headache. Whether you’re being plagued with a dull ache that won’t quit or trapped in bed with a searing migraine, headache sufferers know that a single episode can cause hours of potentially debilitating discomfort. The source of headaches isn’t always clear, but there are some common triggers that can bring about the telltale throb. Stress, sinus pressure, and tension are some of the most common sources of headaches and they can strike at any time. The good news? These issues, along with other headache triggers, can all be effectively treated with cupping.

Cupping therapy, particularly when combined with the use of aromatic essential oils, can help improve blood flow, ease congestion, promote draining, relax muscles, and decrease stress—all of which may be the root of your headache pain. Using cups to treat headaches reduces the need for traditional pain relievers that may offer only short-term relief or create additional issues like stomach upset.

Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of headaches and how cupping can help kill pain today and keep it from coming back tomorrow.



What it is – With cold and flu season upon us, it’s very easy for sinus pressure to build and even mild stuffiness can quickly escalate to a full-blown head-pounding infection. Sinusitis occurs when the sinuses become inflamed, inhibiting drainage and causing congestion. This can lead to tremendous pressure in the sinuses and inevitable headaches. Over-the-counter decongestants are not always effective at battling inflamed sinuses and can also leave you too drowsy to function. On the flip side, ignoring sinusitis can cause it to become a chronic problem, which could result in more frequent headache pain and even infections.   

How cupping can help – Cupping is a great option for chronic sinus pain sufferers. The gentle pulling effect of the cups over swollen sinuses can bring about a release in pressure and encourage draining, thus easing the pain of congestion and soothing inflammation. Facial cups, such as Lure’s Glam Face Facial Cupping System, are ideal for targeting sinus pain and pressure in the cheeks and forehead. Using this system with a natural decongestant like eucalyptus oil can help you breathe easier and bring an end to headache pain.


Tension Headaches

What they are – Tension headaches strike when our face and neck muscles respond negatively to stress and tighten up, causing a chain reaction that usually ends in a headache. Tension headaches don’t have to be brought on by emotional stress—any action that creates muscle tension can migrate into head-throbbing misery. Extended time in front of a computer, tooth grinding, and excessive driving can all cause tension headaches to strike.

How cupping can help – The massaging sensation brought about by cupping can work wonders in relieving stress and bringing muscles back to a relaxed state. The Lure Bliss Cupping for Face and Body System is perfect for tackling both the facial muscles as well as the upper back and shoulders, which are all prime areas for stress to mount. Many people hold a tremendous amount of tension in their upper bodies and facial muscles without even realizing it—which is why back and shoulder massages are so popular! Even a minor increase in stress on an already tense body can cause additional tightening and head pain. Cupping is a proactive method for battling tension headaches because most of the triggers are things we deal with every day. Incorporating facial and upper body cupping a few times a week can prevent our bodies from becoming overly tense and our muscles from getting too tight. Try it alongside scents like lavender oil to help ease mental stress and promote even deeper relaxation.



What they are – Migraines are one of the most debilitating types of headaches and can cause sufferers to be incapacitated for hours, bringing not only pain, but possible nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines can have many triggers, but what they all have in common is that a migraine headache causes restricted blood flow to the brain when muscles at the base of the skull constrict. For some people this can be due to a particular sound or smell. For others, certain foods can set it off. The nature of the trigger is often fairly innocent, but once our muscles begin to tighten in response, blood flow starts to decrease and blood vessels in the brain swell, putting pressure on the nerves and causing intense pain.

How cupping can help – by using treatment techniques similar to those for tension headaches, cupping can help migraines by reducing stress in the upper back and neck, increasing circulation and promoting normal blood flow. Once the brain begins to receive adequate blood and oxygen, the pain will begin to recede. An at-home cupping system is a wonderful option for people who suffer from frequent migraines; not only is it tremendously effective at relieving pain, it’s an easy way to tackle the direct source of the headache as soon as symptoms begin. Sufferers often experience an ‘aura’ sensation, indicating that a migraine has been triggered and pain is on the way. Treating the source of the headache immediately may help prevent intense pain before it can begin.



Headaches are, unfortunately, a common malady that strike almost everyone at one point or another. Understanding the mechanics of how to treat a headache through cupping is an excellent tool that may drastically reduce pain and suffering. Sluggish sinuses? Learn how at-home cupping can target the trouble spots and keep congestion at bay. Stressed? Relax at the end of the day with a cupping session that loosens tight muscles and allows you to end the day on a happier note.

Despite being painful, the majority of headaches are benign, temporary, and treatable. Listening to your body is the first step in understanding the cause of your headache pain—once the source is identified, cupping can ease your discomfort and help you learn how to keep it from coming back.