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My name is Stella, and I am the architect (creator) of LURE® Essentials, which was founded purely out of necessity. After seeing my husband suffering excruciating and chronic muscle pain and joint inflammations due to strenuous training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), I decided to take matters into my own hands. You see, regular high-impact workouts are no easy task. They leave muscles stiff, restrict mobility and cause persistent aches in the back, shoulders, neck and lower body that can easily turn into a real detriment for passionate athletes. This is when I realized the need for a natural, efficient and an inexpensive alternative, and recalled the endless benefits of a traditional Cupping Therapy from my own childhood, long-known for its positive effects on health and wellness. This was my inspiration for LURE® Essentials - now the leading brand in health and wellness products.

Now, I invite you to give ancient cupping therapy a chance! In just 5 minutes a day, you too can relieve stress, improve immunity, look years younger and much, much more – all simply by applying cupping which is known to enhance blood circulation and release muscle tension caused by modern sedentary lifestyles, heavy workouts or injuries.  LURE’s EDGE™ & ZEN™ Cupping Sets are a fantastic aid for anyone (and of all ages), with its multiple life-changing benefits. Use the carefully constructed silicone cups to accelerate recovery time in case of sports and occupational injuries, and you’ll be amazed at their efficiency in increasing circulation, restoring fascia and improving mobility! Try our clever GLAM® face and eye cups for facial rejuvenation – they’re easy to use and will help sculpt, lift, define and smooth our face lines, eliminate wrinkles and boost collagen generation in the process – resulting in a vibrant, fresh, youthful complexion that will make heads turn!

ANCIENT Wisdom – Modern Solutions

Trust cupping for your daily body skin regimen, because it will activate your lymphatic system and help rid your body of harmful toxins, eliminate stubborn cellulite, and leave you with the toned, slim, ravishing figure you have always dreamed of!

We don’t just want you to try our cupping sets - we want you to LOVE them! Join the LURE movement (#getcupped) and the growing community of our happy customers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, licensed massage therapists, physiotherapists and health-conscious fitness enthusiasts. Allow ancient-old cupping therapy methods coupled with modern day technology, be the key to your flexibility, mobility and top performance levels, while unlocking the door to a healthier, more beautiful, happier you!