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Our Story

A note from the founder...

Cupping transformed my family’s life, and now I would love to share the endless benefits of cupping with you.
Dating back to my childhood in the Ukraine, cupping or ‘banki’ was the go-to modality my grandmother practiced to boost our family’s immune system and to help relieve common colds and congestion.

Practice and studies suggest that cupping therapy helps boost blood circulation and lymph movement, support healthy immune function, helps aide digestion, reduce bloat, provide relief for chronic muscle and joint pain, tension, stress, improve sleep quality and much, much more. Not to mention the hidden
face and body rejuvenating benefits!

Conscious of the public’s perception that traditional cupping therapy relies on fire and glass jars to create vacuum suction, I thought “there must be a better way”. So… I set out to develop user-friendly silicone cupping systems so that anyone regardless of age or experience can enjoy this remarkable holistic modality.


Lure Essentials has a cup for that!

I hope you join the #GetCupped movement and find out why 98% of customers (healthcare practitioners, pro-athletes, elite spas and consumers worldwide) recommend our products to family and friends.

Try the Lure Essentials difference TODAY!

Happy Cupping!

Stella R. 

Founder Lure Essentials  


Why we love what we do

We work hard to develop the most advanced and effective solutions for natural health and beauty on the market. Through the years working with top health care practitioners, Olympic athletes, team trainers, elite spas and our dear customers like you, we’ve perfected our products and are on a mission to improve, innovate and support our customers journey to natural health and beauty!  

What makes us different

Lure Essentials is the leading brand in cupping therapy supplies and body massagers. 

Lure cups are prized for quality, versatility, durability and design.

With over1,000,000 cups sold, Lure is the most trusted and recommended brand among massage therapists, industry professionals and consumers with quality standards and service that far outshine the competition. 

Choosing the right manufacturer makes a world of difference.

Lure cups are rigorously tested and inspected at the manufacturer's facility to ensure the highest quality. They are skillfully crafted with 100% pure food or medical grade silicone (depending on the cup design). There are no fillers, plastics or chemicals added whatsoever! We work closely with a manufacturer who understands the importance of non-toxic products and holds their products to the highest standards. 

Giving Back

Giving Back is very important to us and this is why Lure Essentials makes monthly donations to a number of charitable organizations.

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