Cellulite Cup Massage, a Proven Anti Cellulite Solution - How Cupping Therapy Fights Fat

July 18, 2019 3 min read

Cellulite Cup Massage, a Proven Anti Cellulite Solution - How Cupping Therapy Fights Fat

Solutions for Cellulite – How Cupping Therapy Can Help Fight Fat

If the phrase ‘beach body’ has ever struck fear in your heart, you’re not alone! When summer looms, the thought of baring more than usual may be difficult, especially if issues like sagging skin, excess weight, or cellulite have you hesitating to reach for a bathing suit. Cellulite, in particular, can be a difficult battle to fight, but don’t get discouraged. There are tried and true ways to fight lumpy, uneven skin, and the best part is, you can do it in just a few minutes a day.

Beach Body

What is cellulite?

That’s right—you don’t have to live with cellulite, and you can improve the appearance of your skin by putting in as few as 5 to 10 minutes a day. This isn’t a case of ‘that sounds too good to be true” – it’s all about understanding cellulite and knowing how to effectively treat it. Cellulite occurs when fat under the skin becomes trapped and solidifies there, creating the telltale lumpy texture on hips, buttocks, and thighs. There are many factors that go into cellulite formation, and the bad news is that it can affect everyone. Some people see cellulite because of genetics, others may have issues with fat distribution—cellulite does not discriminate.


 The good news is, there are simple, yet powerful ways to fight cellulite effectively and create a smoother canvas that you’ll be proud to live in.

And you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for expensive spa therapies. While options such as laser treatment may help, they can be costly. When it comes to at-home treatments, there is no shortage of creams and lotions lauded for their cellulite-fighting abilities, but it can be difficult for these treatments alone to penetrate deeply enough to get to the heart of the issue. However, there is another option that is not only highly effective at targeting cellulite, but also at helping topical cellulite treatments work much more effectively.

Cellulite Cupping Cups

Cupping for Weight Loss

Where there is cellulite, there is excess fat. You don’t have to be overweight for cellulite to strike; even fit and healthy bodies may get lumpy. While cellulite can affect anyone regardless of size or shape, many people who are battling cellulite are also interested in shedding excess pounds, and body cupping can help you do both. Because cupping massage is able to effectively penetrate several layers of skin to reach the fascia, it can help loosen trapped globules of fat, break them down, and flush them from the body. When this happens, you’ll begin to see an improvement in the appearance of your skin along with your weight loss. The cups also bring fresh blood to the surface of the skin, which further aids in draining toxins and fat.

What to Use?

Body cupping systems, such as Bliss Cups for Face and Body or Sculpt Body Cups, are specially designed to fight cellulite by fitting the contours of your body and providing effective massaging suction. Massaging cupping is simple to incorporate into your day (it can even be done in the shower!) and you generally won’t see a great deal of cupping ‘kisses’ because the cups are constantly moving. The massaging suction penetrates deep through the layers of the skin to help release hardened fat. Once the fat is broken up, it can liquefy and then be drained away. This type of cupping can help reshape and firm any part of the body including hips, thighs, and tummy. By stimulating deep below the skin, the cups also pull fresh blood to the area, which also helps lymph nodes to drain, breaking up areas of fat congestion.

Oils or creams that fight cellulite can be used right alongside your massaging cupping treatments for greater absorption and a smoother massage.

Sculpt Cupping Therapy Set

Treat Your Problem Zones

A major headache of weight loss is that you can’t dictate where the weight will come off. People fighting a belly overhang may be disheartened to see their chest deflate instead. Cupping, however, is designed to target whatever area needs attention, and you’ll begin to see results pretty quickly. Love everything except your thighs? Cupping can help zero in on very specific areas, which means that you’ll be able to sculpt your body, your way. Losing weight in conjunction with cupping can also help your skin recover its elasticity and prevent sagging or drooping areas.

Endless Possibilities

We’ll be talking more about cupping for weight loss in future posts, but the important thing to remember is that body cupping is an easy and effective option for any lifestyle. In less time than it takes to shave, you can effectively smooth and improve the look and feel of your skin, shrink problem areas, and feel much better about hitting the beach!

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