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BLISS Face Cupping & Anti Cellulite Cups

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BLISS Facial & Body Cupping Therapy Massage Set with 7 Premium Anti-Slip Cups plus a FREE Anti-microbial brush - Chinese Secret to Anti-Aging Skin and a Healthy Body Inside & Out.
  • What You Get: NEW Exclusive anti-slip 7 Massage Cups - Body Cups: 1 Large (2”), 2 Small (1.5”) + 2 Facial Cup (.75”), 2 Eye Cups (.25”) diameter + FREE Exfoliating silicone face brush.
  • SIMPLY THE BEST CUPPING SET: Cupping Massage is known to help: improve circulation, reduce inflammation, release toxins (lymphatic drainage and detox), lower blood pressure, relax muscles, relieve joint pain, fibromyalgia, regulate hormones, release endorphins, promote healing, improve sleep.
  • MASSAGE Can help you feel human again! Stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles, reduce post-surgery adhesions, ease medication dependence, reduce spasms and cramping, lessen depression and anxiety. If you suffer from headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder or lower back problems, muscle stiffness, tension, sport injury, Carpal Tunnel - Cupping can help!
  • Body Cups: traditionally used for thousands of years to relieve muscle & joint pain & inflammation, neck and shoulder tension, stress, increase circulation, metabolism, visibly improve cellulite, stretch marks, scars, spider veins, digestive function, fibromyalgia, firm & tone skin and much more!

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