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DIY Cupping for Beauty: Quick Tips & Techniques

DIY Cupping for Beauty: Quick Tips & Techniques - Lure Essentials

DIY Cupping for Beauty: Quick Tips & Techniques

You care about how you look. Whether you’ve spent five minutes in front of the mirror, or hundreds of dollars on invasive procedures meant to tone and shape your skin, it’s done for the sake of looking and feeling beautiful.

Today, society takes the bandwagon approach to beauty. We’ll do anything for the newest beauty cream, the latest skin-saving remedy, often without pausing to consider its effects. If high heels and uncomfortable clothing are any indication, we’re even willing to sacrifice how we feel for how we look. 

The results are often empty and frustrating. We’re left with faces just as wrinkled as before, skin just as itchy, dry and agitated. The latest and greatest in skin care is rarely the most effective. The answer to brightening your complexion, toning sagging skin and releasing built-up skin toxins lies in a modality that’s hardly the latest to hit the shelves.

There’s a proven skin remedy that can help deliver results no serum or lotion could match. This ancient practice, trusted since the fourth century to deliver skin-clearing, beautifying results alongside a healthy wellbeing, helps you feel great while you look your best. It’s already trusted by thousands around the globe, with applications that span professional athletics to pain relief, physical therapy to the all-important daily beauty regimen.

Cupping therapy isn’t the latest and greatest. In an age where empty beauty promises litter the skin care landscape, it’s time for a trusted approach. Trade 2-5 minutes for a beauty routine worth the investment.

Want to learn more about at-home cupping therapy and the many ways that it can improve your health and lifestyle? Our Complete Guide to Cupping has you cupping in minutes. Practical cups and techniques have you cupping like a pro in minutes!

Cupping for Beauty: Then and Now

While it has only become mainstream fairly recently, cupping therapy is actually an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, and has been used in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 

It is so effective that cupping practitioners equate 5 minutes of cupping to 30 minutes of deep tissue massage! However, while a deep tissue massage compresses muscles, cupping decompresses: cups create a negative pressure, which lifts and suctions underlying tissue. This separates and stretches connective tissue (fascia) and helps increase circulation. Increased nutrient rich blood flow may help provide temporary relief for common muscle and joint pain, stiffness and swelling, improve endurance and athletic performance, shorten recovery times and improve mobility and range of motion.

These benefits can be applied to beauty as well! Advances in technology and materials have given way to cups of all shapes and sizes far more suitable for treating sensitive, visible areas like the face. Even better, these advances have created new cupping techniques, making cupping for beauty a safe, easy practice that can be safely accomplished in the comfort of your own home. 

With a kit specifically designed for DIY cupping therapy, you can achieve the effects of expensive spa treatments for a fraction of the cost, without ever stepping outside. Lure Essentials has designed kits for Facial Cupping and Body Sculpting routines. Below you can find our recommendations on how to use Facial and Body cupping kits for best results. These simple techniques make cupping easy to master and incorporate into any beauty regimen.

What about Cupping Marks? 

Popular images of professional athletes with cupping marks across their backs helped contribute to the rise in cupping coverage by the media. Before you begin cupping for beauty, you probably have questions about those famous “cupping marks.” These are not bruises. The discoloration that is typically visible after static cupping is usually due to stagnation, old blood, medications, previous injury or a build-up of lactic acid or toxins pulled to surface tissues just under the skin for elimination. When these marks appear, they may last a few hours or days. Darker marks may take longer to disappear. 

Since most cupping users don’t want noticeable marks on visible areas such as the face, we recommend dynamic cupping for these areas. Remember: you can avoid marks by keeping the cups moving!

See below for instructions on cupping for specific beauty points on the body.

Add a Facial Cupping Ritual to Your Self-Care Regimen

Add this Facial Cupping Rejuvenation Ritual to your self-care routine!

  1. Clean your face.
  2. Apply your favorite oil so your cups can glide easily and smoothly.  Do not use mineral oil.
  3. Squeeze the cup on both sides, apply to skin and release to create suction.
  4. Complete your face cupping massage with your favorite serum or cream.
  5. Enjoy a glowing, youthful looking skin!

Start with the Face: The Lure GLAM Face Cupping System

The Lure GLAM Face Cupping System is perfect for people who want to try DIY cupping therapy on the face, eyes, lips and decolletage.

This set is perfect for people who want to achieve the look, feel and results of a spa cupping therapy session at home. 

You can use the GLAM cups on the following areas:

Chin and Jawline: Place large cup under the chin and glide under the jawline and up above the chin and toward your ear. Stop at the end of the jawbone. Drain down the neck with your fingers or silicone brush.

Lips: Instead of using fillers, plump up your lips naturally with cupping. Natural, full lips are just a few simple steps away! You can use the GLAM cups for either a light or full plumping, depending on the look you desire:

Light Plumping: Apply oil for easy gliding. We recommend our GLAM Boost Facial Cupping Oil. Place large GLAM cup over your lips. Use suction-pause-release-and-repeat method. You may suction then lift the cup, hold for a few seconds, then release, or use massage strokes from the center of the lip to the corner of your mouth. 

For Full PlumpingApply oil for easy gliding. Place large GLAM cup over your lips, drawing either both lips inside the cup at once or one at a time; release to create vacuum suction.  Allow cup to remain on your lips for 5-10 seconds, release, and check for results to avoid bruising or swelling. You can also use suction and release technique. Repeat as needed until desired effect is reached.

Face: Smooth your skin and brighten your complexion as you improve circulation! Apply large GLAM cup to the side of your nostril and glide across the face toward the ear to lift and sculpt. Use your free hand to anchor the skin behind the cup for a smoother glide, preventing pulling of the skin. Next, use your hand or brush to drain down the side of your face, down the neck and across the clavicle.

Eyes: Brighten up the skin around your eyes with cupping! Apply a small GLAM cup next to the inner corner of your eye and use suction-pause-release-repeat technique gently and slowly. Continue to glide right under the brow and across to the exterior corner of the eye. Avoid cup contact with eyelids. For crow’s feet, anchor your skin above the cheekbone with one hand and use a small or large GLAM cup to glide cup up and down over the crow’s feet area with your other hand.

Brow Lift: Place a small or large GLAM cup above the brow area to lift the inner brow. Keep the cup suctioned in place for 5 seconds, then complete by gliding the cup toward the outer corner of the eye.

Forehead: Many people spend hundreds of dollars on Botox, looking to smooth forehead wrinkles. Despite their price, these treatments fade with time. Instead, fight those frown, or "11" lines, with cupping. Place the large GLAM cup between the eyes on the "11" lines, suction the cup and release 3-5 times. Continue to glide the cup upward to the center of your forehead and outward. This helps release tension and wrinkles.  Finally, drain down the side of your face, down the neck and across the clavicle with your hand or brush.


Sculpt Your Body Using the Cellulite and Firming Kit

You don’t have to go under the needle to sculpt your body. Instead, follow this body sculpting routine:

  1. Apply a liberal amount of oil to skin in the desired cupping area.
  2. Select your cup. Squeeze the cup, apply to skin, and release to create suction. Use the “suction-release-repeat” method or gliding/massage technique, moving cup in an up/down, side-to-side or zig-zag pattern. Drain towards lymph nodes.
  3. Complete your cupping routine with your favorite body butter, oil, or firming cream.
  4. Enjoy more toned, smoother looking skin!




Even More Tips and Techniques for At-Home Beauty Cupping


  • It starts with a clean surface
  • Before you start cupping on your face and body, it is important that your skin is clean. This applies to all at-home cupping treatments.

  • A Little Discomfort is Normal
  • Temporary redness or itching may occur due to an increase in blood flow to the area cupped. This is normal and should disappear shortly after massage.

    If you experience pain or discomfort due to sensitivity in some areas, try a suction-release-repeat technique, or use lighter suction. You can control the intensity of vacuum suction by squeezing your cup more or less.

    Bruising may occur if your connective tissue (fascia) is tight.

  • Use Oil to Prevent Discomfort and Marks
  • While some discomfort and marks are both normal, both can be avoided by using your favorite oil. Apply your favorite oil (not mineral oil) to your skin before cupping so that you can keep the cups moving. This will help the cups glide more smoothly, making for a more comfortable experience and a smaller chance of cupping marks.

  • Start Slow
  • Begin with light cupping, gradually increasing pressure and intensity. The intensity of vacuum suction can be controlled by squeezing the pliable cup more or less. If you experience discomfort during dynamic cupping, due to increased sensitivity or tight/bound fascia, start with the flash (suction & release) method first.

  • Try Dynamic Cupping for the Face and Body
  • The Dynamic Cupping method can be used with the facial cups, body sculpting cups, and ZEN cups for muscle relief! Apply oil or another lubricant to skin or use with water and body wash. Squeeze your silicone cup, apply to skin, and release to create vacuum suction. Move your cup in an up/down, circular, or zig-zag pattern. Start in a static position, then move the cup side to side or rotate it in circular motion.

  • Keep the Cups Moving!
  • If you want the benefits of cupping without the marks, you MUST keep the cups moving (using the dynamic cupping method). This is why dynamic cupping is recommended for the face. Apply plenty of oil to the skin so that the cups move smoothly.

  • Try Flash Cupping
  • If you are new to cupping and find it uncomfortable due to tight connective tissue, you may want to try Flash cupping. Simply squeeze the silicone cup, apply to skin, and release to create vacuum suction. Remove the cup to reposition and repeat this step.

  • Be Consistent 
  • Cup every other day for 2-5 minutes per session as a part of your beauty regimen. Results are improved and more noticeable with regular use. 

    Furthermore, cupping is more effective when it is integrated as part of a healthy lifestyle. Drink 4-6 glasses of water daily, exercise, and follow a healthy diet for best results.

  • Don’t Forget to Drain
  • It is important to “drain” after cupping, to clear out lymph fluid buildup and toxins for a more sculpted, defined look.  Use hand or brush to drain.


    An Old Approach to Beauty

    We believe you deserve to feel great about the way you look. When you’re looking for a solution to enhance facial beauty, tone skin and improve contour, know that we’re waiting with the answer. Amid a skin care landscape crowded with topical creams, lotions and serums that promise overnight results and zero side effects, we’re offering a solution with proven results for centuries.

    Confidence in your skin is confidence in yourself. Rid your bathroom cabinets of unsuccessful beauty fixes to make room for alternative medicine at its best: our easy-to-use beauty cupping systems. 

    A beautiful, youthful body doesn’t come in a box. Fortunately, cupping therapy complements your healthy lifestyle in all the right ways. From facial rejuvenation to body sculpting, cupping therapy is the all-in-one approach to beauty you didn’t know you needed. Click here to order your own GLAM set today to get started!


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