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SCULPT Anti Cellulite Cupping Set

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CUP Sculpting 

Sculpt, Tone and Contour!
Stimulate Natural Elastin and Collagen Production
Smooth the Appearance of Cellulite
Increase Blood Flow, Circulation, and Qi (Chi) Energy
Release Pressure Points, Body Tension and Muscle Knots
Release Facia (Connective Tissue)
Reduce Body Stress and Tension
Accelerate Muscle Recovery Time
Stimulate the Lymphatic System (Detox)

Customer Reviews

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awesome product for sore musles too!

We had never tried cupping before but had heard great things. We decided to order these to try. My husband is an avid fitness guy who works out 6 days a week and would go to the chiropractor at least once a week for a massage and adjustment. We have been using the cups on his back mostly and it's been such a nice relief for him. He's not feeling like he needs to go to the chiropractor as much!

Fun, Firm, and Addicting

So I got these about a week ago in the mail.. and as other reviewers have said, they are ADDICTING! The first time I used it, was the medium sized cup on my, but once you use a lot of lotion or oil while you use it, it is so much better and you get used to the feeling, it's almost like a "good" kind of soreness. I also recommend doing them in the shower with lots of soap containing lotion in it, I use Dove bodywash. If you're lucky enough, and can get your significant other in the shower every time and have them do your back, it's amazing ;). it honestly feels so good, and even better when YOU don't have to do it. I haven't used them long enough to see a difference in cellulite yet, but I did notice more firmness in my thighs. I also noticed it can help ease back and shoulder pain. It's fun and it makes you feel like your skin is awakened by the suction in several areas of your body. I would recommend giving these a try!
P.S go easy on the suctioning before you start moving the cup around on your skin, feel it out first if you need more or less suction to prevent bruising.

Get it!!!

Great suction and quality. Cellulite is slowly starting to diminish. Great myfacia release, it has improved my blood circulation.

I really like these

I really like these- I have not been using them long enough to speak of long term benefits- but because you need oil to use them my skin is looking much more hydrated and plump(firm plump). The cups are addictive to use because increasing circulation to these areas of your body makes you feel refreshed and invigorating. You feel refreshed after using. Its become an important part of self care for me- have not caused bruising or anything - make sure you read the directions

A must-buy to sculpt & tone, and help you relax!

Love using these before and after my workouts! Love how i'm already seeing a visible difference in my skin tone... and that is helping relieve some of the muscle and joint pain after my workouts. Definitely effective and worth the buy!