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Here’s What to Expect the First Time You Try Cupping Therapy

January 13, 2020 5 min read

Here’s What to Expect the First Time You Try Cupping Therapy - Lure Essentials

In today’s saturated world of Internet remedies and new age health solutions, there seems to be a thousand solutions for every health problem. Topical creams, lotions, serums and salves all promise instant, lasting relief. Most are all-natural, and all seem to compete for the title of “Most Expensive Natural Remedy.”

If you’re anything like us, you’ve grown tired of exhausting one “solution” after the next when it comes to your wellbeing. Whether it’s a digestive issue, joint pain, post-workout soreness, inflamed skin or virtually any other health issue, you deserve a solution that works. You deserve a health solution that puts you back in control of your own body.

You’ve heard of cupping therapy, an ancient modality that since the fourth century has helped everyone from recovering athletes to sore-backed businessmen. Maybe you were exposed to cupping therapy when the treatment went viral during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Maybe you’ve been the recipient of an expensive spa treatment that included cupping therapy as part of an alternative medicine approach. 

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to try cupping therapy. Congratulations! Welcome to the last solution you’ll ever need to promote healthy digestive functionality, tone facial skin, bolster post-workout recovery, stave off cellulite and more. 

At Lure Essentials, we’re committed to helping you understand all the benefits of cupping therapy. In fact, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about cupping therapy into our FREE guide on the subject. 

Cupping Therapy: The Old Kid on the Block

Given the track record of the “latest and greatest” health solutions, it’s time we revisit a proven therapy method. Cupping therapy dates back thousands of years to the fourth century, where the ancient modality finds its roots in Eastern medicinal practice. Originally achieved through the use of hollowed out-horns and flame to create a vacuum, cupping tugged skin and underlying tissue wherever the cups were placed. 

Today, it’s thankfully easier to make the benefits of cupping therapy your own. High-quality pliable cups are applied to the skin for 2-5 minutes. A variety of cup sizes and shapes offer unique benefits to your skin and body, including versatility, ease of use and an improved wellbeing. This minutes-long decompression allows for lasting relaxation, circulation and stimulation of the area under and around the cup.

With so many new health solutions failing to offer lasting, concrete benefits, it’s time for an older, validated approach. It’s time to meet the old kid on the block.

First Thing’s First: You Need the Cups.

In order to benefit from the following information, you’ll need a cupping set of your own. If you have one, great! Skip this paragraph and get straight to your first-time cupping guide. If you don’t yet have a cupping therapy set, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We recommend our ENERGY Cupping Set for first-time cuppers; they are intuitive, easy to apply, small and mighty. Learn how to release your body’s tension, promote healthy digestion, ease post-workout soreness and more with our comprehensive video library, #Get Cupped in minutes.

it offers advanced pain relief for common muscle, nerve and joint pain, and supports a healthy immune system, circulation, mobility and more.

How to Use Your Cups: A Quick Guide

Looks like we’re ready to use our cupping kit for the first time! Follow these simple tips below, and you’ll be cupping like a pro in no time.

Cup Size & Technique

Before you begin your cupping session, you’ll want to settle on a cup size and cupping method

When it comes to cup size, larger cups will disperse strong suction over larger surface areas, while smaller cups offer contour massage benefits, more targeted relief around joints, hands, palms and other areas. Larger cups will also help to loosen larger adhesions and stanation, and will promote trigger point release.

Cupping methods help you get the most out of the short therapy session. Feel free to use a combination of different cupping techniques, for personalized results. You’ll also need to decide on a cupping method. Your silicone cups can be used to easily perform four basic cupping therapy techniques: static cupping, flash cupping, dynamic (glide/massage) cupping and shake/rotation cupping. We’ve listed some of the most popular cupping methods below:

  1. Static Cupping - Cup placement in a single area, without movement.
  2. Flash Cupping - Repeated placement and release of cups across the skin
  3. Dynamic (Glide/Massage) Cupping - Continual gliding/sliding of cups across the skin
  4. Shake/Rotation Cupping - shaking/rotation of cups while in static position

Feel free to read more about each type of cupping in the “Different Ways to Cup” section of our Cupping Therapy 101 post.

Apply & Adjust

Added skin lotion or oil to the target areas will allow for smooth cup application, movement and removal. Keeping cups in motion will help you avoid any unsightly cupping marks, and can be accomplished easily with our BOOST Cupping Oil

One by one, place the appropriate cup gently over the target area, pressing down on the top and compressing to create suction. Completely adhere one cup before moving on to the next. Repeat this process until all desired cups have been applied and remain adhered.

If you’re adopting the static cupping approach, simply allow your cups to remain suctioned to skin. Since this is your first time, we would suggest a cautious approach to cupping therapy: apply the cups for small periods of time, then remove slowly and monitor your body’s response. Repeat until you feel comfortable with the sensation. If any of the cups fall off, don’t worry! All you need to do is re-apply them onto your skin.

If you’re adopting the gliding cupping approach, compress the cup and slowly slide it across a broad area of tissue. You can do so in a vertical, horizontal, zigzag or circular pattern, or you can trace a specific route across the skin.

Post-Cupping Therapy

Once treatment is complete, place your index finger under the cup to break the seal. A light massage can help improve blood and lymph flow. Be sure to clean and dry your cups before their next use.

That’s all there is to it! As you grow in comfort and confidence with your new cupping kit, feel free to dive into all of its remedial applications. Cupping therapy is regularly employed to promote health and beautystrengthen athletic performance and fight fat.

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And of course, there’s an individual cupping set for virtually any health concern, including the SCULPT Anti-Cellulite Cupping Set and the ZEN Digestive Health Set

You’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the world of cupping therapy. Once you begin cupping with us, you’re considered a member of the Lure Essentials family. Our community stays up to date on our latest bundles, giveaways and breaking news in the world of alternative medicine. No matter your age, no matter your gender, no matter your body, Lure Essentials has a cupping system waiting for you.


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