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Healthy Fascia and Finding Your Inner Olympian!

Healthy Fascia and Finding Your Inner Olympian! - Lure Essentials

Are you a professional or amateur athlete looking to improve performance, increase mobility and shorten recovery time? Or, are you someone with stubborn, persistent injuries that interfere with your daily comfort and ability to exercise? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, Lure Essentials cupping sets could be an invaluable addition to your regimen of care! By boosting circulation, reducing muscle stiffness and alleviating spasms, cupping shortens recovery time, improves lung capacity and increases range of motion – all good things for athletes looking to elevate their performance or for regular folks looking to get back into exercising!

Though many people think that cupping is a new form of sports medicine due to Michael Phelps being photographed with cupping marks at the Summer 2016 Olympics, the reality is that it is an ancient medical practice that has origins in China, Egypt, and the Middle East. It is a method of pain relief and treatment for illness that spans many cultures and dates back thousands of years and throughout history, medical practitioners of all origins have recognized that injury, pain, and tightness in the body are caused by poor circulation of the blood that occurs when the body’s fascia is tight or restricted. Dr. Josh Axe, a vocal supporter of Lure’s cupping sets, says that “cupping therapy works by bringing fresh blood, platelets and growth factors to an area of the body that needs healing, Whether performed wet or dry, the suction action in cupping therapy has a similar effect on the body as having a deep tissue massage but only requires one third of the time! Ultimately, moving fresh blood from one area to another (that is, improving circulation) is excellent for healing, pain reduction and muscle spasm.” Today, Lure takes pride in being the number one trusted supplier of cupping therapy sets for Olympic and pro-athletes, weekend warriors, physiotherapists, licensed massage therapists, acupuncture therapists and sports medicine practitioners who use cups to support the treatment of sciatica, arthritis, back, wrist and knee pain, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries and more!

Unlike massage, which relieves tension by applying positive pressure to the tissue and muscles, cupping uses negative pressure to lift blood capillaries and muscles towards the surface of the skin. This negative or reverse pressure is also known as myofascial decompression and the vacuum-like suction that occurs during cupping separates the fascia, thus allowing the body’s blood vessels to expand to increase the free flow of fresh, oxygenated blood and injury-repairing white blood cells to the areas of concern.

If you’ve done any research about cupping and sports injury, it’s highly likely that you’ve seen the word ‘fascia’ floating around in a lot of the literature. You might be wondering what fascia is and why its health is essential to injury-free living and superior athletic performance… Imagine the body’s fascia as being like the thin, white skin you see under an orange peel or the tissue that resembles plastic wrap that surrounds raw meat. This fibrous connective tissue is everywhere in the body, running from head to toe and unlike other components of the human body, fascia is not a system of separate parts - it’s a continuous structure that, when operating at optimal levels, exists without interruption. Since it attaches to all structures, the role of fascia is to support our entire body and its health is essential for pain and injury-free living. When we experience inflammation, scarring or trauma, fascia becomes tight and loses pliability, thus being a source of tension to the body. Different traumas, like a fall, habitual poor posture or stress have cumulative effects on our body which causes changes in fascial system. Fascial restriction causes all kinds of pain, headaches and movement restriction which can impact swimmers, gymnasts, mixed martial artists and more. Fascia also affects our stability and flexibility and is the main factor contributing to our ability to perform athletically or move freely during our daily activities. Ultimately, by increasing blood flow to an area, cupping, therefore, improves the function of the body by improving the overall health of the fascia!

During a workout, particularly in resistance training sessions, muscles develop tiny tears which are normal and essential for their overall growth, increased strength and visibility on the body. However, it’s possible that post-workout delayed onset muscle soreness can occur. This stiffness, which can last several days, often makes it difficult for athletes to maintain their strict training schedules. Keeping all of this in mind, while improved circulation and fascia health is generally good for anyone, cupping is particularly useful for athletes that undergo intensive trainingas it decreases the amount of time required for regular workout recovery and for the healing of injured tissue healing which facilitates longer and harder training sessions! For those that deal with chronic discomfort, it’s also excellent forpain management and injury, as cupping can be used for trigger point release, loosening muscle knots and relieving joint pain. Uniquely, the Lure Essentials EDGE cups are engineered with custom premium grade medical silicone and Lure’s other cups like ZEN and ENERGY are made with premium food grade silicone. Both types of silicone are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and as they do not require fire or a pistol to operate, they are incredibly user-friendly; the organic, pliable silicone is easy for amateurs to squeeze and work with. Though widely used by all sorts of sports medicine practitioners, Lure’s mission is to make these cups an at-home necessity through the #GetCupped movement and are particularly excellent for the self-management of sports injury and pain to improve overall athletic performance as the cups are strong enough to stay put on hard to suction bone areas like the wrists, knees, ankles, and feet. Best of all, the therapy is non-invasive requiring no downtime afterward!

If you’re a high-level athlete looking to speed up your recovery or an athletic enthusiast looking to manage stubborn injuries, cupping can help to provide relief for pain and to break up deep scar tissue. With so many different sets to choose from, Lure has something for every individual’s goals and needs. Check out Lure’s tutorials and videos or have your questions answered in the forum!