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Cupping Like a Pro: Best Practices to Maximize Cupping Benefits

January 13, 2020 6 min read

Cupping Like a Pro: Best Practices to Maximize Cupping Benefits - Lure Essentials

Anything worth doing is worth doing well - especially when it’s this easy. If you’re new to the world of holistic medicine and manual therapy, we’re proud to introduce the world of cupping therapy. Cupping therapy itself can seem intimidating at first. Even if this isn’t your first time trying cupping therapy, we’re here to outline definitive tips and tricks that help you minimize user error and maximize the time you spend cupping.

Here’s the good news: What looks like a bruise is actually a sign that stagnation and toxins are being pulled toward the surface of your body, helping to restore proper blood flow to the target area. The red marks are temporary, and the relief is lasting.

Cupping best practices can ease any stress, worry or other concerns you may have about cupping therapy. And thanks to innovative solutions, you can now self-administer your own cups! All you need is the patience to apply them, and the cups do the rest! It really is that easy. Check out our best practices below to streamline your approach to cupping therapy.

But First – Do you Have the Right Cups? 

In order to take advantage of the best practices listed below, you’re going to need your own set of cupping therapy cups. If you’ve already landed a great set of cups, why are you still reading this? Scroll to the best practices below and start your personal therapy session! If you don’t yet have a cupping therapy set, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We recommend the EDGE Cupping Therapy Set for first-time cuppers, given its wide range of applications: common muscle, joint and nerve pain relief, mobility, flexibility, athletic performance and more. You absolutely need a cupping kit of your own in order to take full advantage of our guide to first-time cupping.

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Cupping best practices

Read on for practical tips that help you to make the absolute most of your cupping therapy sessions. Separate from the practical steps to follow during cupping therapy, the following best practices will help you melt into the correct state of mind and adopt the appropriate mindset for fully fruitful cupping sessions. Happy cupping!

 Relax! Seriously, Relax.

Your tissues will respond to your stress levels. The more tense, nervous, or otherwise stressed you feel, the tighter your muscles. Any movement or extra tension can make it harder for the cups to stick and stay in place, so just relax. Do some deep breathing, read a book, or even take a nap if you like.

Use Lotion or Oil if You Plan on Moving Your Cups.

Before beginning treatment, settle on a cupping approach. For pain relief on large muscle groups, you might choose the sliding therapy technique. If so, make sure to lubricate the area generously with massage oil or lotion. Pre-cupping lubrication will allow you to maintain suction and move the cups easily along the target area. 

You can also achieve effective cup movement without the use of any lubricant or oil. Bring your cups into the shower, and glide cups easily across the skin with water or body wash.

If you’re looking for more information on the four best ways to cup, feel free to check out the “Different Ways to Cup” section of our Cupping Therapy 101 blog post. 

Cup Size: The First Step Toward Cupping Bliss.

Your cupping kit will allow you the freedom to pair different areas of your body with cups of different sizes. How do you know which to use? There’s a simple solution: Select smaller cups for smaller areas, such as the calves, arms, feet, neck and around joints. Reserve larger cups for broad areas such as the legs, glutes and lower back. As always, keep the cups in motion if you’re looking to avoid unsightly cupping marks along those areas.

Wash Your Cups Regularly.

Keeping your cups clean is not only important for your health, but also helps to increase product longevity.

Clean your silicone cups in warm, soapy water before drying. If you have glass cups, plastic cups with hand pistols, or you’re interested in learning more about proper cleaning techniques for your cupping set, check out the instructions in your cupping kit. 

Stay Hydrated

Cupping targets areas of adhesion and stagnation to release the built-up toxins, but where do those toxins go? If you’re not hydrated at the time of treatment, those toxins will simply recirculate. To prevent toxin recirculation and promote full detoxification, drink plenty of water to help your liver and kidneys process valuable metabolites. Once you’re ready for cupping therapy, you can quite literally flush out the toxins in minutes. Your body thanks you in advance!

Cupping Therapy: Debunking the Myths

While we’re on the topic, there are many misconceptions regarding the art and practice of cupping therapy. Several of these misconceptions are intimidating enough to drive potential cupping therapy users away from the natural approach to alternative medicine. Lure Essentials is dedicated to promoting a healthy community of cupping enthusiasts. Read on to discover the truth behind some of the most popular cupping myths!

Misconception #1 - Cupping involves cutting the skin

This misconception comes from an ancient Eastern practice known as wet cupping. The vast majority of cupping techniques today – including all cupping performed with Lure Essentials cups – refer to dry cupping: suction-based decompression of the soft tissue that never involves an incision.

Misconception #2 - Cupping requires fire

Again, this misconception arises from a form of cupping that’s not widely practiced in the United States. Before modern technology and convenience, cupping therapy did require a flame. Fortunately, our self-adhesive, pliable silicone cups eliminate the need for the fire department to intervene mid-cupping therapy! Today, most cupping therapy that integrates fire is practiced by traditional Chinese medical practitioners, or by acupuncture therapists.

Misconception #3 - Cupping is painful

Cupping should never be painful. Cupping users should also feel relaxed before and during a cupping session. Any discomfort should be replaced by a feeling of sustained relaxation, until the therapy session ends. If any discomfort persists, or if you experience sharp pain at any point, stop use and reach out to our certified cupping therapy experts for a solution.

Welcome to the Cupping Community

The above best practices are only an introduction into the larger world of cupping therapy. Lure Essentials is dedicated to not only providing you with high-quality cups, but also with continued support and education. We pride ourselves in the quality of our customer support. Where a purchase might typically signal the end of a brand-customer interaction, it’s only the beginning for us. We’re always building out new resources that help you better understand the best ways to cup and to care for your body. 

Our FREE, practical guide to cupping pulls back the veil on all things cupping therapy, and our comprehensive video library makes it easy to learn even more cupping best practices from our verified experts.

Here’s the bottom line: with only 2-5 minutes of cupping therapy, you’ll help to build a happier, healthier version of the same you. This isn’t a temporary topical cream or  lotion full of empty promises. Cupping therapy is a proven method of alternative medicine practiced since the fourth century, and it can accomplish for you what it’s accomplished for centuries. Whether you’re looking to cup away acne, tone your skin, improve digestive functionality or beautify your face, cupping therapy is exactly the solution you want to call your own.


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