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Give The Gift of ZEN This Mother’s Day

January 16, 2020 2 min read

Give The Gift of ZEN This Mother’s Day

Looking for a way to show moms in your life how much you appreciate them? It’s no easy task, but we are here to help.

Every mother needs a massage once in a while, but what if she could have one anywhere and at any time?

We aren’t talking about any ordinary massage...we’re talking about cupping!

Unlike traditional massage which uses compression, cupping uses decompression. Through the vacuum powers of suction, the cups pull up to lift soft tissue and help break up fascial adhesions, promoting circulation and stimulating the flow of blood, lymph and energy(Qi).

Basically, it’s a massage in reverse. It is so effective and works so fast to melt away tension and stress, improve mobility and quality of sleep that some massage therapists often compare 5 minutes of cupping to 30 minutes of deep tissue massage.* 

Lure Essentials curated several cupping systems to help your mom make massage be more accessible and enjoyable at her own home spa.

chakra lure essentials silicone cupping set

Inspired by the healing power of crystals, our small-yet-mighty CHAKRA cups work fast to promote relaxation and stress relief. Their clever flip-flop construction allows for quick and easy application on shoulders, back, elbows, knees, feet, or any other area that needs some extra tension relief!

Utilizing the natural modalities of acupressure and reflexology, CHAKRA cups target trigger points to help improve blood and energy (Qi) flow, as well as help release lactic acid and other toxins.

The set includes eight cups in four different sizes, with colors like Jade, Amethyst, Rose, and Citrine. Our CHAKRA cupping kit is the perfect gift for any stressed-out mother looking to find her Zen.

Speaking of ZEN… don’t miss our ZEN cupping system.


ZEN cupping system helps to improve skin elasticity, enhance body contours, relax tense muscles, increase absorption and efficacy of body lotions and so much more. ZEN cups can be enjoyed with the BARE cupping oil or used with water and body wash in the shower.

The long-term benefits of cupping are endless! 

This mother’s day, consider the gift of ZEN relaxation for moms, aunts, sisters, friends and co-workers in your life. Gift the healing power of cupping.