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ZEN Body Cupping Therapy Set - Clear

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Traditional cupping therapy set for professional and self-care use.


What You Get: 6 cupping cups. Sizes: 2 Large (2") + 4 Small (1.5")

Pain Management & Wellness: Supports healthy immune and respiratory function, alleviates common muscle, joint and nerve pain, swelling, arthritis, knee pain.

Athletic Performance: Cupping therapy is commonly used in sports to help improve mobility, flexibility, performance, speed up recovery and to alleviate common muscle soreness. Vacuum suction helps break up fascial adhesions and release lactic acid build-up.

Cupping Benefits for Cellulite, Body Toning & Skin Health: Cupping massage may help improve skin elasticity, reduce appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, spider veins, support healthy digestive function and reduce bloating, release fascia adhesions for a smoother and more even skin tone, enhance body contours, improve absorption and efficacy of body lotions, cellulite creams and oil. Cupping massage is effective for activating circulation and lymphatic system that helps carry toxins and cellular debris via lymph fluids to be expelled through skin tissue.

Material: Free from BPA, phthalates, PVC, plastics. Made with premium food grade silicone for superior suction, flexibility & control. Easy to squeeze and easy on your hands.

Applications: static, dynamic (massage) or flash cupping (suction, lift, release, repeat). Use with body oil or in the shower with water and soap or body wash. Recommended use 3-5 minutes per treatment area 2-3 times a week.

Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water. Do not use alcohol, freeze, heat, microwave or boil the cups.

Contraindication: Use only as directed.

    Customer Reviews

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    Zen cups

    Love them! So easy to use for gliding!!! Feel amazing


    I love these. Easy to use. Great suction. Easy!

    3 times a week and you'll see amazing

    All I can say is, this really works! Want cellulite free legs and bum? 3 times a week and you'll see amazing results

    Soft feel

    The silicone cups have a softer more pliable feel then traditional glass cups or plastic cups. They're relatively easy to move around as long as you have an oil or cream base these can not be used to dry. They have less suction then glass or hard plastic cups Which is good for tender areas like IT band, adductors, side obliques, not so great for glutes or back. After 3 months of use 2 to 4 times A-day 3 to 6 days a week I can tell the difference between my 1st set I purchased and the brand new set I just got so these will in time lose their suction.

    Four Stars

    Not enough suction