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Cupping Therapy, Fascia and Soft Tissue Release

Cupping Therapy, Fascia and Soft Tissue Release - Lure Essentials

If you’re over the age of sixteen, it’s more than likely that you’ve experienced your fair share of muscle pain resulting from injury, over-use and strain. From high-level athletes to individuals that are bound to desks and computers all day, everyone is susceptible to the pain that evolves from the over-stimulation of trigger points. More commonly known as muscle knots, trigger points are sensitive areas in the body’s soft tissue, the stimulation or irritation of which can cause generalized musculoskeletal pain. These knots, located in the fascia surrounding your muscles, can be spontaneously painful (active) or painful only when compressed.Now, while most myofascial pain resolves itself within a few weeks, chronic muscle pain persists for many people well after the body has seemingly healed itself. Under-researched and often ignored by medical professionals, myofascial pain is actually one of the leading causes of visits to primary care physicians in the United States and can be both expensive and debilitating if not treated with care.

The concept of myofascial pain was developed by Dr. Janet Travell, a pioneer in its study and author of the definitive manual for its treatment by physiotherapists, osteopaths, dentists, pain specialists and massage therapists among others. Her research demonstrated that tight fascia lies at the root of our muscular pain and subsequent studies conducted around the world have shown that tension can transfer and radiate from one trigger point to another. If you’re having trouble imagining exactly what your fascia looks like, imagine it as being like the thin, white skin you see under an orange peel or the tissue that resembles plastic wrap that surrounds raw meat. This fibrous connective tissue is everywhere in the body, running from head to toe. Unlike other components of the human body, fascia is not a system of separate parts - it’s a continuous structure that, when operating at optimal levels, exists without interruption. However, given its connectedness, one can see how pain in the neck and shoulders (for example) might radiate through to the elbows and wrists. Left untreated, these stubborn injuries can start to interfere with your daily comfort and activities. Since it attaches to all structures, the role of fascia is to support our entire body and its health is essential for pain and injury-free living. When we experience inflammation, scarring or trauma, fascia becomes tight and loses pliability, thus being a source of tension to the body. Different traumas, like a fall, habitual poor posture or stress have cumulative effects on our body which causes changes in fascial system which can cause joint pain, lack of mobility, pinched nerves, tingling sensations and even numbness.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, Lure Essentials has a number of easy, cost-effective solutions to support you with both pain management and healing. Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to release trigger points is through cupping. Used for trigger point release, both static and dynamic cupping can loosen muscle knots and relieving joint pain. Unlike massage, which relieves tension by applying positive pressure to the tissue and muscles, cupping uses negative pressure to lift blood capillaries and muscles towards the surface of the skin. This negative or reverse pressure is also known as myofascial decompression and the vacuum-like suction that occurs during cupping separates the fascia, thus allowing the body’s blood vessels to expand to increase the free flow of fresh, oxygenated blood and injury-repairing white blood cells to the areas of concern. Alternating between static cupping at the point of origin and long, dynamic strokes across the affected area, you can support the body in releasing the tension that’s got you in knots! It’s known that trigger points are located deep in the body’s soft tissue, but that’s no problem if you’ve got cups from Lure. The EDGE, ZENand ENERGYcups come in a variety of sizes that enable you to apply the appropriate amount of strength and negative pressure to the affected area. Engineered with custom premium grade medical silicone and premium food grade silicone respectively, the cups are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and as they do not require fire or a pistol to operate, they are incredibly user friendly. Best of all, the organic, pliable silicone is easy for amateurs and pros alike to squeeze and work with.


Beyond cupping, if you want to up your game when it comes to addressing trigger points, we suggest that you alternate cupping with Lure’s MEGA Muscle Roller Stick which releases fascia adhesions, reestablishes proper blood flow, improves skin elasticity and muscle tone. Made of natural wood, the MEGA stick is perfect for home and professional use, and will provide you with true therapeutic relief. LURE Massager Stick can open nerve activity, unblock restrictions and improve circulation so the body can start functioning properly again. Together, cupping and the MEGA stick are perfect for trigger point massage, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tight IT Bands, Sciatica, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and so much more! Ultimately, by increasing blood flow to an area, cupping therefore improves the function of the body by improving the overall health of the fascia!

  So, if you’re a professional or amateur athlete that’s looking to shorten recovery time or a mere mortal looking to contend with persistent injuries, Lure Essentials cupping sets and the MEGAmuscle roller could be an invaluable addition to your regimen of care. Join the #GetCupped movement and give your body the care that it so deserves.