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Cupping Companions to Elevate Your Wellness Ritual

Cupping Companions to Elevate Your Wellness Ritual - Lure Essentials

Finding an at-home cupping system that is compatible with your health and wellness needs can be tremendously beneficial. It means no searching for a good technician, no appointments, and no adjusting your schedule. You can incorporate a cupping session into your day whenever it’s most convenient, whether you’re looking for pain relief or simple relaxation.

But the cups themselves aren’t the only element to successful cupping therapy. There are additional cupping ‘helpers’ that can be added or incorporated to make your results much more satisfying. If you’re new to cupping at home, or if you are looking to expand your repertoire, here are some of the ‘cupping companions’ that could help make your cupping experience even better.



Oil Assistance – Oil is not an enemy to the skin, even if you happen to sport a super-slick complexion. In fact, adding a topical oil can help prevent overproduction of natural oils and balance out your pores. When you’re cupping, especially on the face, oil is extremely helpful in making sure the cups glide smoothly along the skin. Not only will it make your cupping session much more effective, it will also help moisturize your skin and give you the glow you’re looking for. Oil is also great for the ‘massage’ portion of cupping massage, as using massaging cups will help topical products absorb more effectively into the skin. Because of this, it’s important to consider the type of oil that will most benefit the area you’re targeting, and keep in mind that as you cup, you’ll also be giving your skin a healthy drink.

Roll with It – Facial rollers, such as jade, are gaining in popularity due to their ease of use and destressing abilities. Adding a roller to your daily regime is not only simple, it’s also the perfect way to soothe angry skin, reduce inflammation and puffiness, and relax tight muscles. Regularly using a cold roller can also help your skin produce more collagen, aka THE key to supple, younger looking skin. If you’ve taken the dive into facial cupping, rolling is the perfect companion to keeping your skin looking and feeling its absolute best.

Focus on Fascia – If you, like many people, are using cupping therapy as a path to relief from the pain and discomfort of knots, sore muscles, and other post-workout woes, you may be interested in other ways to free your fascia. The fascia is a tightly woven network of tissue that lies over the muscle and allows our bodies to move smoothly. When the fascia is damaged or it can result in inflammation and pain, not to mention ‘knots’, and other sticky situations under the skin. Many sports-related injuries are a direct result of damage to the fascia, and cupping is a great way to penetrate layers of skin and muscle to keep the fascia healthy. In addition, rolling massage is another excellent option for working the fascia, and that has the added bonus of fighting cellulite—the effect of trapped fat in the fascia. A fascia massager can provide immediate relief for aches and pains, help prevent fluid from being trapped under the skin, and fight ‘sticky spots’ under the skin. This is a great option for immediate relief when your cupping time is still a few hours away.


Cellulite Crusher – Cupping is excellent for cellulite, and when you add a cellulite massager into the mix you can look forward to even faster results. Like a fascia massager, a cellulite massager is designed to work the layers of skin to release ‘stuck’ areas—in this case, to free fat that is trapped under the skin. When these trapped areas of fat are freed, you’ll begin to see smoother skin texture and a return to normal elasticity.

Rapid Relief – Pain is an issue often tackled through cupping, but sometimes an additional step is needed to keep you pain-free throughout the day. To that end, Lure has created an all-new topical analgesic for easy application and rapid relief: Pain Rescue. Pain Rescue is a fantastic option for chronic achiness or acute pain that can strike at any time. This all-natural pain relief cream is ideal for run of the mill aches and pains, as well as arthritis, tendonitis, and more. While regular at-home cupping sessions will also help with discomfort, think of Pain Rescue as your 9-1-1 call against pain!


No matter what issues you’re hoping to treat with cupping, consider additional avenues to make your journey to success even better. Not only will you see faster results, you’ll also experience more relief and relaxation, making cupping a truly fantastic experience. Self-care has never been easier to cross off your to-do list!