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Lure Essentials GLAM Facial Cupping featured on the Rachael Ray Show

Lure Essentials GLAM Facial Cupping featured on the Rachael Ray Show - Lure Essentials

Rachael Ray is helping America solve a cold reality: facial skin can’t hide the natural effects of maturity. We may experience bags under our eyes: darkened, droopy skin that lacks color, brightness and tone. Stress, fatigue and diet may also contribute to facial puffiness and sagging skin, as well as a dull complexion. All of these signs of skin maturity develop with age, and affect not only skin appearance and contour, but also the way we interact with others. As the home for the majority of our communication, the face conveys emotion and expression; it’s usually the first part of a person we notice. Many expensive creams and treatments can claim to treat these effects of daily life, but results can’t lie.

While we often treat our bodies to therapy and massage, it is also important to give the same attention and care to our faces. There are 43 muscles in the face, and they enjoy exercise and a  regular massage just as the rest of the body does. When it comes to long-lasting results that can leave your face feeling healthier and looking brighter, the solution lies in an ancient modality with proven results since the fourth century.

Facial cupping is a great way to achieve these effects and more. Its efficiency has bloggers, television hosts and media personalities like Rachel Ray eager to experience results for themselves!

Want to see how cupping therapy can improve your complexion, refresh your skin, and leave you glowing? Try the set featured on the Rachael Ray show!

Because of its ease of use and results, cupping therapy has taken modern alternative medicine by storm. It is a simple, trusted method for improving lymphatic stimulation. Unlike some other popular treatments, cupping withstood the test of time.

Rachael Ray featured the Lure Essentials GLAM cupping kit on her show, as beauty expert Gretta Monahan demonstrated facial cupping on a studio guest.

Watch it Here!

Facial Rejuvenation, Reimagined

On the air, Gretta demonstrates to Rachel Ray and to viewers a quick facial cupping treatment, beginning with clean skin. Before you begin at-home facial cupping, it is important that you do the same. Clean the skin where cups will be applied; you may also want to exfoliate with the kit’s included exfoliating pad. This will make the cupping process smoother and results more visible. 

This Lure Essentials GLAM Set also includes a bottle of facial oil, for easy gliding during the facial cupping process. You do not need to massage the oil into your skin; instead, simply press it in with light, smoothing strokes. 

Gretta demonstrates on the Rachael Ray Show the dynamic cupping therapy method: this means that she keeps the cups in motion. It is important to keep cups in motion across the face, in order to avoid leaving marks. 

First, Gretta uses one of the larger GLAM cups to cup the face. These cups are suited for defining the cheeks and jaw line and enhancing your natural facial structure, as well as continual lymphatic stimulation. This increased circulation also helps to create that elusive radiant and youthful glow, without having to work up a full-body sweat. Cupping has also been shown to minimize the look of cellulite, since the appearance of cellulite can be due to poor fluid retention, circulation and lymphatic issues.

When cupping the face, it is generally good practice to start with a low intensity and then gradually increase application. The intensity of the suction is easily controlled by how much and how hard you squeeze the cup. When cupping the face, it is normal for some redness to occur. This redness usually disappears shortly after you finish cupping. 

Rachel Ray and her guest then progresses to the under-eye areas. As is demonstrated in the video, smaller cups specially designed for cupping delicate skin under eyes can relieve the look of tired eyes. Under the eyes, you can apply a gentle “flashing” technique, in which you gently squeeze, apply and release the cups repeatedly.

Other Facial Cupping Benefits

While not featured on the Rachael Ray show, cupping has been shown to enhance and volumize lips! Lips are comprised of delicate skin, similar to the skin under our eyes, so it is important to gently use small facial cups when plumping lips. This will prevent the damage that many cheap, but popular, plumping devices can cause to the fragile skin on and around the lips.

Lure Essentials facial cupping products have been featured all over the media, from entertainment programming to national news coverage. Try the high-quality, safe, effective GLAM Face Cupping Set featured on the Rachael Ray show, and put its many benefits to work for yourself.

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Facial cupping is only the beginning of our large cupping system catalogue. Whether you’re looking to treat cellulite and improve circulationachieve naturally plump lips or promote joint health, there’s a cupping therapy set waiting for you.

You’ll Love the Results.

Cupping is an ancient technique that uses suction to draw blood flow into the targeted area. Facial cupping “exercises” our facial muscles, improving circulation. Freshly oxygenated blood carries vital nutrients to the cupping area. This also promotes better absorption of nutrients through the skin, meaning you can improve the efficacy of other creams and serums that you apply after cupping your face!  An added bonus: cupping therapy has also been shown to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

A good spa facial includes a facial massage, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. Facial cupping, because of the vacuum suction, can give you the same effect, with improved precision and intensity. Even better, facial cupping can be practiced easily at home and on your own. It doesn’t require any expensive serums or creams - it’s as simple as applying oil and using the cups! Read more about the many benefits of cupping therapy for facial rejuvenation here, or take home the GLAM Facial Cupping Set that Rachael Ray and thousands of Americans have already fallen in love with.

Happy Cupping!


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