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Cupping Therapy Can Transform Your Face, in Minutes.

January 13, 2020 4 min read

Cupping Therapy Can Transform Your Face, in Minutes. - Lure Essentials

The face has the largest muscle structure range in the entire human body. The contour of the face is responsible for more than 100,000 unique facial expressions, and is undoubtedly the most important factor in human communication. It’s no surprise that in today’s health-conscious world, the face is the center of an ever-increasing number of remedies, supplements and treatments.

There’s a simple reason why cupping for the face is different than any other comparable modern therapy method. Unlike a facial beauty mask or skin cream, cupping therapy is free from any chemical application, herbal remedy or topical solution. Cupping therapy is the in-home solution to improve facial skin elasticity and reduce visible wrinkles after a single use. Since the fourth century, this proven solution has offered users affordable, effective benefits. Cupping therapy helps accomplish the skin regeneration and facial clarity that so many satisfied cuppers enjoy today.

Before You Begin

It is estimated that up to 43 individual facial muscles are tied to human emotion. Cupping for the face provides a quick, easy, at-home solution to all of that tension. All you need is a cupping therapy set and a few minutes.

If you don’t yet have your own facial cupping set, consider this your invitation to treat yourself. Our award-winning cupping sets are both affordable and rewarding. Don’t even consider facial cupping without picking up our GLAM Facial Cupping Set.

Take a second and relax. Seriously, take a few minutes and find an inner state of peace. Facial cupping therapy is just that: it’s therapy! Your body responds to stress levels, so calm your breathing and enjoy this unique approach to alternative medicine. 

Your facial wellbeing will improve in a matter of minutes; make sure that it’s an experience you can enjoy.

Facial Cupping: The Basics

Facial cupping therapy is designed to address target areas across the face, including wrinkles, dry skin, muscle tension and more. The basic facial cupping instructions below allow you to dive into facial cupping with virtually no learning curve. With a cupping kit and a few minutes, you can improve facial skin tone, elasticity, pore size and more.

It’s All about the Application

We make important distinctions between cupping for the face and cupping for other parts of the body. Cupping therapy for the face is much more of a delicate undertaking. After you’ve opened your facial cupping therapy system, apply oil or high-quality lubricant, remembering to suction and glide your cups continually. Lubrication creates a better seal between the cup and the skin, allowing for smooth cup gliding.

NOTE: To prevent the development of unsightly cupping marks across the face, it’s important to keep cups constantly in motion during your therapy session. Glide your GLAM cup across the face is made easier by the application of a high-quality lubricant; we recommend our GLAM Boost Facial Cupping Oil, to minimize friction during cup movement.

Even though the cups are small, they can help to make big changes to your skin: cupping for the face has been known to help fortify wrinkle lines, open up your pores and release toxins naturally from the body.

Facial cupping is safe to perform 2-3 times a week, before pausing to allow your skin to restore natural energy levels.

If you’re anything like us, you’re left continually unsatisfied by each new wave of new age creams, fast-acting lotions and miracle salves that fly off the shelves. These products can keep their empty promises; instead, we offer a solution that’s satisfied users since the fourth century. If you’re ready to abandon your skin care and wellness regime for a solution that actually has your face feeling better and looking healthier, it’s time to try Lure Essentials. It’s time to try our GLAM Facial Cupping Set!

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5 Minutes for A Happy Face

Most products today seem to guarantee instant remedies and lasting results, but can only deliver empty promises . Lure Essentials couldn’t be more different: we begin our interaction with consumers where most brands end. Your purchase makes you a member of the Lure Essentials family. Welcome to a lifestyle brand that actually satisfies your needs for a clearer face and healthier skin. In 5 minutes, cupping therapy for the face can begin to transform your skin contour. 

Say goodbye to puffy skin, tired eyes and loss of skin firmness. Say hello to the face you thought you’d never see again.

If you’re wondering how Lure Essentials can help transform not just your face, but your entire body, we’re way ahead of you. Our regularly-updated blog offers practical advice on integrating cupping therapy into all aspects of your life. From cupping for abdominal stagnation to unblocking your lymphatic system, it’s time you discover how cupping therapy can help you realize your body’s potential.


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