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Got Pain? Try to Drain – Unblocking Your Lymphatic System

March 19, 2019 4 min read

Got Pain? Try to Drain – Unblocking Your Lymphatic System - Lure Essentials

Cupping therapy is well known for its most obvious benefits: pain relief, smoother skin, and even healthier digestion. But cupping can also be a literal drain on your lymphatic system, providing a powerful detox for your entire body.

But what is the lymphatic system? And how can cupping help it work better?

You’ve probably heard of the lymph nodes—they’re a huge player in your overall health, and diseases of the lymph nodes can be devastating. But that’s only one part of the lymphatic system, which drains lymph fluid from the tissues to our blood and plays a major part in the immune system; your lymphatic health is extremely important. Just like blood vessels, our bodies have a network of lymphatic vessels that carry lymph fluid (which is chock-full of infection-busting white blood cells) to the heart and the rest of the body. Without a healthy lymphatic system, we become more susceptible to illness and infection. The lymphatic system also helps rid your body of waste and toxins.

However, certain conditions can cause the lymphatic system to back up, and without proper drainage toxins and other harmful materials can build up in the tissues. When this condition becomes extreme it can lead to lymphedema—a painful disease that causes localized swelling and, if untreated, may cause immobility and difficulty healing. Even without an existing condition, it’s extremely important to be aware of potential illnesses that affect the lymphatic system.

Fortunately, for those just looking to be proactive, cupping is an excellent way to stay on top of your lymphatic health. In fact, cupping therapy is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your lymphatic system is draining as it should.


How does cupping help?

In other posts we’ve talked about the ways that cupping can help the fascia by ‘unsticking’ it from the muscle it protects. Lymphatic draining works in much the same way. By stimulating underlying tissue, cupping therapy can release excess fluids and allow for the effective release of toxins. When you cup over a particular area, you’re creating ‘breathing room’ beneath the skin. Your body is made up of layers and layers of tissue and muscle, and while your systems generally know how to operate on their own, there are times when things may get thrown into disarray.

Injuries are a common way for lymphatic blockage to begin. When an injury occurs, inflammation and swelling can cause the underlying tissue to become clogged with toxins. The injured part may feel hot and heavy, and if there isn’t proper drainage of the area, toxins can build up and lead to bigger problems. Cupping helps to separate stressed-out areas of the body and coax fluids and toxins to drain as they should. With improved operation of the lymphatic system, your body is able to heal more efficiently.

Additionally, massage cupping can help kick-start the lymphatic system throughout the body, allowing for a more intensive detox. You don’t necessarily need to suffer an injury or illness to have problems with drainage, and massaging cupping is a great way to keep things flowing smoothly.

Which cupping solution is best for the lymphatic system?

Massaging cupping is the most effective treatment for lymphatic drainage—it’s less intensive than static cupping and allows for more gentle release of excess fluids. 

The BLISS Face and Body Cupping System is great for both face and body massage cupping, or you can try the EDGEcupping kit that comes in 4 distinct sizes for small and large target areas. The construction of the cups makes them easy to handle, just add the BOOST cellulite massage cupping oil to help the cups glide across the skin before they’re released. It only takes a few minutes per day to see the benefits of cupping, which means it’s easy to incorporate cupping into your daily self-care.

Even if it’s not an area of your health you’re aware of, your lymphatic system plays a huge role in your overall well-being and is constantly working to keep white blood cells flowing and toxins at bay. Taking a few minutes to pamper your lymphatic system can have huge returns. If you’ve never seen a need to try cupping, boosting your lymphatic draining is a great place to start!


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