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Cupping for Respiratory Health

Cupping for Respiratory Health - Lure Essentials

Cupping for Respiratory Health

Cupping is known to help improve lymph, energy and blood flow to promote healing in the affected area. It can stimulate vital organs including lungs to help clear phlegm.

When we cough, accumulated mucus and phlegm is brought up so it can be expelled out of the body. Mucus and phlegm that sits in the lungs when we are sick can be potentially dangerous because of the bacteria that inhibits the lungs. It also makes us feel tired and weak.  So how can we get some relief, help clear chest congestion and expel pathogens from the lungs?

How Can Cupping Help

Cupping creates a negative pressure via vacuum suction to helps loosen congestion form your lungs by increasing blood and lymph flow to the cupping area. Lungs receive fresh oxygenated blood and essential nutrients and lymph cleanses the area of cellular debris and other impurities.

DIY Cupping – Yes, You Can!

There are several cupping techniques to help with respiratory issues. We will examine each technique below. To prep for any of these cupping methods, start by warming up the cupping area, in this case your back with a light massage (can be cupping massage or regular massage with hands). You can also use a heating pad or hot stones. Next, apply an emollient – lotion or oil to the cupping area. Finally, let’s examine 3 types of cupping techniques for lung support and congestion relief. 

One such technique is blanket cupping where a number of cups are placed across the back (area between under the shoulders and lowed back) and left in place (static or stationary cupping) for 3-5 minutes. We recommend ADVANTAGE cups for strong suction, EDGE cups for medium to strong pressure and ENERGY or CHAKRA cups for light to medium pressure.

Another technique is dynamic or moving cupping technique where a cup (we recommend EDGE or ZEN silicone cupping cup) is moved up/down and side to side across the cupper back. Apply a good massage oil or emollient before initiating this massage cupping method.  You may also use our unique Oval glass cup and glide the cup over the rib area.

Another cupping therapy technique we will examine today to help stimulate the lungs is using a vibrationmethod. This treatment can also be used for bronchitis or any other respiratory illnesses. 

For this treatment we recommend Lure Essentials silicone ZEN cupping cups, or the glass and rubber bulb 45mm or 50mm cups as we will be using a flash cupping (suction the cup, lift it, release it then reposition to next spot and repeat) method.

Next, position your cup on one side of the Thoracic cavity (back) not touching the vertebrates (refer to photo below). Leave the cup suctioned for one second, remove quickly (pop it off – this creates extra vibration), move to the next spot and repeat. Start from the top and go down one side of your back before moving to the other side with the same. Repeat 3-5 times and every 4 hours as needed

Flash Cupping Respiratory Support

This technique can be used for children, adults and elderly (for children, elderly or anyone who is energetically deprived, use light suction)

Warning and Contraindication: Do not cup if you have lung issues or during asthma attack.  Room should be warm and free of any cold drafts. Cupping marks may be possible, and are usually due to stagnation or toxins.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for ways to support a healthy respiratory function year-round with cupping, browse our extensive online collection of cupping therapy sets. We are also available to answer your questions about how cupping can benefit your respiratory health at 707-728-LURE (5873). To learn more about the benefits of cupping view our video tutorials in the Video Library.


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