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Cupping for Gut Health, Constipation & Detoxification

March 26, 2020 3 min read

Cupping for Gut Health, Constipation & Detoxification - Lure Essentials

Cupping for Gut Health, Constipation & Detoxification

Gut and digestive issues can be relentless. Whether it’s an acute abdominal pain or a lasting digestive discomfort, bloating or constipation, we understand your need for a fast, lasting solution.

Let's get your gut back on track by practicing easy to follow DIY steps as outlined in our blog to help with gut health, constipation and detoxification.

Recommended Cups: Advantage (polycarbonate w/o magnets or silicone ZENCupping Cups.

Select an appropriate size cup to fit the cupping area/your body comfortably. Choose a smaller cup for smaller cupping area or switch to a larger cup for a larger cupping area. When moving the cups (massaging) always remember to anchor the skin behind the cup for a more comfortable cup glide.


  1. Lubricate the abdominal area with Lure Essentials BARE body massage oil or use any other oil that can facilitate smooth and easy glide of your cup (Jojoba, Grapeseed, Coconut are examples).
  1. Begin on the lower left quadrant of the abdomen (medial to the hip bone) over the colon. Flash Cup (suction-release-repeat) upward to just below the end of the rib, staying on the left side of abdomen (descending colon). Repeat 2-3 times.
  1. For issues with constipation, you can also add the following:

Starting at the lower left quadrant of the abdomen (medial to the hip bone) /lower left side, suction the cup, lift, twist & shake the cup. This helps loosen the stool. Glide the cup upward, stopping just below the left rib, then back down. This step can be repeated for chronic constipation several times. 

  1. Beginning at the same area previously worked on, move the cup back and forth with the intent to loosen & dislodge the stool moving up to the previous stopping point. Repeat 3 times, end at the site below the left rib.
  1. Glide the cup down, remembering to anchor behind the cup as you slightly lift the cup while moving it toward the starting point (lower left side of abdomen). Repeat from top position then downward toward sigmoid colon. Repeat 3-5x. Move the cup only in the downward direction. This will complete the first step.


Work the next section cupping from the colon that runs from the end of the last rib on the left to the last rib on the right (transverse colon). This is done in the same manner as in the previous section using the following techniques: 

            Flash Cup (suction-release-repeat) from left to right 3x

            Lift and twist the cup followed by shaking it up to 2x

            Glide the cup vertically (up & down) along the transverse colon 3x

            Starting on the right side of the transverse colon glide the cup to the lower left side of the abdomen. Repeat 3x


Start at the end of the right rib and move to the lower right abdomen, then to the medial side of the hip. Same steps as before.

            Flash Cup (suction-release-repeat) from right rib point to the medial side  of the hip 3x

            Lift and twist the cup followed by shaking it up to 2x

            Glide the cup horizontally (up & down) along the ascending colon 3x.

            Glide the cup from the lower right side across to the lower left side.

Small intestine: suction the cup around the navel 3 times, then move the cup outward until you come to the lower right side (end of ascending colon). Next, massage your cupping cup in clockwise direction from right side upward toward transverse colon to depending colon. This can be repeated 3-5x.

Complete by using your hands with light pressure sweeping the lower abdomen toward the hips, draining the lymph fluid.

It is important to drink lots of water (room temperature) over the next several hours. Bowel movements may be expected over the next 24-72 hours.


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