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Step-by-Step Gua Sha and Facial Cupping

December 03, 2020 2 min read

Step-by-Step Gua Sha and Facial Cupping - Lure Essentials

THE SECRET: Cupping helps tone and exercise facial muscles to keep skin from sagging.

BACKED BY SCIENCE: We are conditioned to proactively exercise our body whether for looks or health concerns but not many talk about"exercising" our facial muscles. Train your facial muscles like you train your body and enjoy a rejuvenated youthful glow.

The micro-circulation from cupping massage delivers fresh oxygen-rich blood which not only helps support a youthful radiant glow, but also delivers nutrients to the skin, opens pores and improved absorption of skincare products.

If done properly, lymphatic face cupping massage ‘trains’ and strengthens facial muscles to help reduce common visible signs of aging, defines, lifts and targets other common age-related skin concerns like wrinkles and loss of firmness and elasticity.
Start your day with GLAM Facial Ritual

Enhance your skin's natural radiance, release facial tension, reduce puffiness and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; tone, lift and sculpt; boost efficacy of oils, serums and creams with Lure Essentials step-by-step beauty ritual.

Get Ready for Transformative, Jaw Dropping and Jaw Sculpting Results.

Step 1: Wash face and gently exfoliate with the silicone facial brush.
Step 2: Apply Lure’s Multivitamin Daily Glow 100% natural botanical oil liberally to your face and neck for a smooth and easy glide of your cup
Step 3: Compress your GLAM facial cup and apply to skin creating a gentle suction. Glide the cup according to face diagram provided with your GLAM kit. Work one side at a time and anchor skin with your other hand. Repeat 3-5 times per side.
Step 4: Enhance your results by including a BISOU Gua Sha massage to relax facial muscles of the face, neck, scalp and decolletage.
Step 5: Rinse your face to remove remaining oil that pulled toxins and cellular debris from skin. Spray or apply organic Rose Water toner to sooth skin. 
Step 6: Complete your skincare ritual with Lure's day & Night Rosehip serum or your favorite skincare product and enjoy a glowing, youthful-looking skin!