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Lure Essentials Takes Cupping Therapy Mainstream with Launch at CVS Stores

January 20, 2020 3 min read

Lure Essentials Takes Cupping Therapy Mainstream with Launch at CVS Stores - Lure Essentials

Thought leader in cupping therapy systems, Lure Essentials is thrilled to announce product launch of their user-friendly silicone EDGE cupping therapy kits at CVS stores nationwide. This is a major step toward ushering the ancient modality of cupping therapy into the modern era. Already a leader in cupping education and practice, the New Jersey-based company announced their renewed effort to provide a proven pain relief modality to the public.


“We are thrilled that an industry giant like CVS recognized the opportunity and after a 12-store test last year is now carrying our EDGE cupping therapy sets in over 500 retail stores nationwide,” said Stella, the co-founder of Lure Essentials. She added that the company’s EDGE cupping sets can be found in the “Healthy Trends Beacon” section at any participating location.


Stella also cited this development as Lure Essentials’ most recent campaign to help users improve their wellbeing. “At Lure, we help people live healthy, pain-free and fulfilling lives. We developed DIY cupping systems based on the ancient wisdom of cupping therapy so that anyone regardless of age or experience can enjoy this remarkable and miraculous modality to achieve their beauty and wellness goals.”


Lure Essentials disrupted the pain relief category and pioneered the trend of cupping for self-care. Over the years Lure Essentials brand continues to grow and enjoys seeing thousands of industry professionals, healthcare practitioners, athletes, spas and everyday home users come to rely on Lure’s quality products.


Over the past few years, the pharmaceutical industry has seen a growing shift away from medication, as users seek to distance themselves from potentially harmful side-effects and unwanted addictions in their collective search for an all-natural health and beauty modality. Cupping therapy, an ancient and powerful natural alternative to Western medicine, promises to provide just that: an at-home, affordable non-invasive solution to body toning, cellulite, joint pain, muscle relief, post-workout recovery and more. According to Lure, most users will benefit from the art of cupping, which has grown in popularity among the professional athletes as well as consumers with sedentary and active lifestyles alike.


Lure Essentials offers remedial cupping systems for a wide range of applications, including digestive health, relief for common muscle and joint pain, as well as cosmetic benefits such as facial beauty and body care. Lure Essentials made it possible for users to enjoy the convenience to practice the healing art of cupping therapy in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.


Lure Essentials was founded by Stella and her husband, Igor. Stella stated that their acquaintance with cupping dates back to their childhood in Ukraine. The couple’s grandparents used this technique to help soothe everything from pain and injury to congestion and the common cold. As adults, the couple revisited the ancient art of cupping and quickly became satisfied users, incorporating cupping into their workout recovery routines in order to alleviate pain from sports-related injuries.


“True health begins with self-care,” said Stella. “Cupping has transformed our family's lives and we want to share the secret to help transform the lives of others using this effective, ancient technique.”


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