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Inside Look at Lure Essentials as Shared on the Harvest Growth Podcast

January 20, 2020 3 min read

Inside Look at Lure Essentials as Shared on the Harvest Growth Podcast - Lure Essentials

Founders of Lure Essentials Stella, and her husband, Igor, were guests on Jon LaClare’s Harvest Growth Podcast. LaClare regularly hosts successful entrepreneurs and inventors and invited Stella and Igor on the show to discuss the story of how and why they founded the Lure Essentials brand.

During the interview, LaClare asked the founders to share what their business does. Stella explained that Lure helps people “live healthy, pain-free and fulfilling lives. We developed DIY cupping systems based on the ancient wisdom of cupping therapy so that anyone regardless of age or experience can enjoy this remarkable and miraculous modality to achieve their beauty and wellness goals.” She goes on to explain that her company has pioneered the trend of cupping for self-care.

How Did It Start

In 2014, Stella and Igor both struggled with sports-related injuries. They searched for noninvasive and more natural ways to find relief from their pain, and this is when they recalled an old school remedy widely practiced in Eastern Europe where they are from. “We remembered a treatment from our childhood that incorporated an ancient technique of cupping,” says Stella during the interview. Stella shared that her mom had a silicone rubber cup that she brought back from her recent trip to Ukraine. The cup wasn’t perfect but it worked. This is when Stella immediately saw the potential to bring cupping therapy mainstream. She and Igor redesigned the cup and started their search for a manufacturer who can produce a new cup made with transparent silicone material that is flexible, user-friendly and is easy to use and clean. Stella said, “We were lucky to find the right manufacturing partner and worked with them to engineer a new and improved version of the cup. We took it a step further and created a number of different DIY cupping kits or what we refer to as cupping systems for pain relief, athletic recovery, beauty and body sculpting.” Today Lure Essential’s cupping sets can be found on the company website, at participating CVS stores, high-end spas, healthcare practices or consumers can buy Lure cupping therapy sets on Amazon.

What Makes Lure Essentials Different

Lure Essentials takes pride in the quality of their products. The proprietary manufacturing process, premium material and support in health and wellness journey of their customers is what separates Lure Essentials from less than subpar quality competitors. All Lure Essentials cupping sets are guaranteed to be durable and to meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. During the interview Stella said that the company listens to their customers which include athletes, consumers, and trainers and that they work constantly to develop new and exciting products to help consumers solve their everyday pains.

Stella emphasized that “education, proper application of cups and their use are critical for this category product and this is why we heavily invest in education and work with the industry’s best experts and practitioners. We provide videos and make other free resources readily available on our company website so customers can get the most out of this modality.”

Stella adds that she and Igor feel very rewarded in reading through the plethora of emails and testimonials sent to them by their customers sharing how cupping transformed their everyday lives.

You can listen to the entire podcast interview on the Harvest Growth Podcast website.

About Lure Essentials

Lure Essentials is a health and wellness brand that believes that healthcare should start with self-care. Lure Essentials helps people live healthy, pain-free and fulfilling lives by developing innovative solutions based on the ancient wisdom of cupping therapy so that anyone regardless of age or experience can enjoy this remarkable natural and miraculous modality to achieve their health and wellness goals. Today, Lure Essentials products are used by thousands of wellness practitioners, therapists, spas, athletic trainers, pro and amateur athletes and everyday people in over 70 countries.

About Harvest Growth Podcast

Jon LaClare, has launched over 100 consumer products for brands like OxiClean®, Kaboom®, SonicScrubbe®r and others. He is a product marketing expert and founder of Harvest Growth Podcast where John interviews successful inventors to help other inspiring entrepreneurs.


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