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Father's Day Gifts Made Easy - Ultimate Gifts for Health and Wellness

Father's Day Gifts Made Easy - Ultimate Gifts for Health and Wellness - Lure Essentials

This Father’s Day, Give Dad the Gift of Cupping!

Father’s Day is coming up, and this is the perfect time to talk about how cupping is for EVERYONE! Far from being just a beauty tool, cupping has proven to be highly effective for all types of health and wellness goals. A professional cupping session can mean big money, but with an at-home system, you can reap the benefits each and every day. If the dad in your life hasn’t been introduced to all the ways cupping can help him feel his best, now is the time to show him. 

And to help, we’ve created the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide, perfect for pairing the Dad in your life with the right cupping system for him.

For the Fitness Dad

If Dad is obsessed with hitting the gym, but doesn’t love the aches and pains that follow, a cupping system to ease sore muscles is an ideal option

Edge Body Cupping Therapy Set


The Edge set is a great option for fighting muscle pain and making tomorrow’s workout a lot easier. With a variety of different sizes, the Edge set is super versatile, which will help Dad ease every muscle, large and small. 

Bonus: Not only will the Edge set help relax tight muscles and tendons, regular cupping will also help improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and shorten recovery time between workouts by preventing lactic acid buildup. 

For the Relaxation Lover

Fathers shouldn’t get just one day to relax—give Dad the chance to unwind all year round with a cupping set designed to release tension and ease stress. 

Zen Body Cupping Set

The Zen system is great for preventing a stress overload and helping aid relaxation and healthy sleep. This set was designed to target tight muscles and tendons, release toxins, and promote a healthy lymphatic system. When stress manifests in the body, you can start to see all kinds of negative effects, so give Dad the tools he needs to fight day to day aggravation. The more he cups, the more benefits he’ll see!

Bonus: Massage cupping with the Zen can be done right in the shower, making it an even more relaxing experience. Just five minutes is enough to melt the stress of the day away!

For the Workaholic 

If Dad spends more time in front of the computer than in the gym, his back and shoulders can feel the strain. Too much screen time can result in tightness and aches that may prevent him from enjoying his downtime. If the office is Dad’s home away from home, give him a gift to make him eager to step away from the screen.

Ionic Energy Cupping Set

The Energy set is known for being small, but MIGHTY! This set was created to help unkink tight shoulders and make your back buzz. You don’t need to have a super active lifestyle to suffer from muscle aches, and hours in front of a computer can cause a lot of tightness and pain. Unwinding with the Energy set is simple, and after a hard day at work, Dad deserves to take it easy. These cups target every area of the back and shoulders and the handheld design makes them super convenient for home use.

Bonus: If aching feet are a problem, Energy can help! These cups are the perfect size to alleviate common foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis.

Add it on!

Mega Fascia Massager— This tool is amazing for rolling away tension no matter where you are! This easy-to-use massager will help Dad battle stubborn knots and areas of tightness from head to toe.

Pain Rescue AM/PM Topical Analgesic— If pain is a constant in Dad’s life, this analgesic can help target sore spots and offer immediate relief. Add a jar to Dad’s gift for the ultimate relief. 

Make this Father’s Day the year that Dad discovers all the benefits of cupping—it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!