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This Could Be Your #1 Health Investment

This Could Be Your #1 Health Investment


I love cupping.

I cup daily.

Face cupping and body cupping are my daily go to’s.

I cup my face to support healthy and natural aging.

I cup my belly to support digestion and relieve that uncomfortable feeling of being bloated.

I cup to keep my abs and flanks trim and toned.

I cup my bum, legs and thighs to keep my skin smooth and firm.

I cup my body to move lymph and boost healthy blood flow.

I cup my knees to keep them from creaking.

I cup my neck and forehead to bring relief to headaches.

I cup my back to release tension and stress.

I cup before bedtime to help sedate my nervous system for a better and deeper quality of sleep.


The Good News

The good newsis that cupping therapy has so many benefits you and your family can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Cupping can improve your energy levels, support respiratory and immune health, help you burn more fat, support healthy gut & digestion, improve athletic performance, potentially lower blood pressure, and support cardiac health. The scientific peer reviewed studies cannot be denied…


The Bad News

Now for the BAD NEWS: there is a DARK side to cupping (sorry, couldn’t help the pun)…

Many cups currently flooding the market are made with sub-par material that contains fillers, chemicals, and other unmentionables. These cupping sets are sold without any guidelines or training material to help you, the consumer get the most benefits from this remarkable modality, cup safely and effectively, and importantly get the results you deserve!

This is especially true when like most American consumers, you are shopping on Amazon. With so many look-a-like cups all making empty promises and selling low quality cups, how can you be sure you are getting the safest and best cups you deserve?


This is why it is so important that you get your cupping supplies from a trusted source.

Fortunately, Lure Essentials has done all the legwork. Not only are we veterans when it comes to all things silicone cupping, we’ve vetted and partnered with a reliable manufacturer who we’ve had a pleasure of working with for over 8 years, we design and manufacture our own cups and have co-produced dozens of professional and DIY videos with the best cupping practitioners and instructors in the industry.

Lure Essentials cupping therapy sets are prized for quality, durability, design, support, and education. With over a 1,000,000 (million) cups sold, Lure is the only most trusted and recommended brand among medical professionals, massage therapists, hospitals, athletic trainers, pro-athletes, and hundreds of thousands of consumers like you.

We show you How To cup safely & effectively. When you order from Lure Essentials, you get access to an extensive video library, a complimentary Practical Guide to Cuppinge-book, personalized support so you can enjoy the multiple uses and benefits of cupping therapy.

Lure Essentials cups are stronger & last longer - we care about what goes on your skin and your results. Unlike other inexpensive cups that may look similar, Lure Essentials professional cupping sets are durable, elastic and easy on your hands. We never add plastics, BPA, BPS, phthalates, PVC, latex or other fillers.

Invest in your health and wellness now with top quality tools and skincare products.