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September is Pain Awareness Month

September 15, 2022 1 min read

September is Pain Awareness Month


chronic pain

September is Pain Awareness Month

Don’t suffer in silence. 

At Lure Essentials we are committed to addressing pain holistically while relying on effective ancient remedies and techniques that have been modernized for today’s use and applications.

When it comes to addressing pain naturally, there are many options: acupuncture, massage therapy, red light therapy, spinal adjustments, hot and cold therapy, laser therapy and many more.  

 pain relief options cupping acupuncture massage red  light hot cold

Did you know that cupping therapy is so much more than an ancient remedy for pain relief, and it’s not just for professional athletes? 

cupping for muscle and joint pain

Cupping is remarkably effective for headaches, tension and stress relief, digestive health, foot pain, cellulite, fat loss, skin health and anti-aging support. 

At Lure, our goal is simple: we want to help you live the healthy radiant life you deserve! 

We believe in a holistic approach to skin and body health and our professionally-proven cupping systems, body massagers, oils and creams help you do just that.

lure essentials cupping therapy sets for professionals and home