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The Next Gift You Give Your Mother Needs to be Cupping Therapy.

January 10, 2020 5 min read

The Next Gift You Give Your Mother Needs to be Cupping Therapy. - Lure Essentials

Mothers never take a day off. Often without the appreciation they deserve, mothers keep families afloat, fulfilling a physically and mentally demanding job that makes them irreplaceable. Without paid time-off, 401K plans or the possibility of a raise, mothers are the backbone behind many happy, healthy families, and they do it all out of love.

There’s never a bad time to treat a mother in your life. Whether it’s Mother’s day or any day, the moms in our lives deserve pampering. With all the care she provides for others, it can be tough for a mother to find the time for self-care in her day. For many mothers, the end of a successful day is still marked by aching backs, sore joints, tired eyes and a worn-down demeanor.

Even with the increased focus on self-care today, the last thing a mother will do during the middle of a busy day is think of herself. That’s what she needs you for! What she needs is a simple way of incorporating self-care into her day, in the few minutes she can spare, without adding another errand or costly fee to the daily grind.

 Your mother deserves the gift of self-care, one that can accommodate the busy schedule she maintains. Roll out the red carpet for Mom, with a Lure Essentials cupping therapy system specifically designed with moms in mind. Let Mom in on the pampering, with the EDGE Cupping Set designed to relax and ease tension across common muscle, joint and nerve pain points. Our FREE guide to cupping and comprehensive video tutorial library will eliminate the learning curve and have Mom cupping in minutes.

Cupping Therapy: From the Headlines to the Home

Practiced since the fourth century, cupping therapy has long proven a valuable modality to enhance health and beauty naturally. Whether it’s digestive health or joint relief, athletic performance or facial toning, cupping therapy targets fascia beneath the skin to keep you feeling and looking your best. Cupping became increasingly popular in recent years, after images of Olympic and professional athletes with cupping marks across their backs circulated the web. 

Lure Essentials has helped to pioneer cupping therapy’s transition from an expensive spa or doctor treatment to an inexpensive, at-home remedy. Today, cupping therapy is more than a go-to solution for the world’s top athletes: it’s also a prime solution for any and all moms seeking quick muscle relief, facial toning or natural beauty fortification. Once a high-end skin system available exclusively to clinics and spas, cupping therapy can now be practiced in the comfort of your own home. Better yet, the entire process can last 2-5 minutes, which is sometimes all the time a busy mom can spare. Home cupping allows moms everywhere to step up their self-care game, for a minutes-long approach to health and wellness.

It Starts with the Face


The face of a mom is often the face of the hardest-working member of the family. It’s the face of a woman up late with a sick child, awake early to prepare a meal, or taking care of those individuals who can’t care for themselves. More than perhaps anyone else, the moms in our lives deserve faces with radiant, happy skin.






















The GLAM Facial Cupping System is the ultimate tool for taut, glowing skin. Simple, effective and affordable, these cups were specially designed to fit the curves and contours of your face, and the gentle massaging action will not only minimize fine lines and wrinkles and boost collagen production, but will also help with deep relaxation at the end of a long day.

Moms may worry about cupping marks when trying cupping therapy for the first time. Not to worry: these harmless marks are totally avoidable when you keep the cups gliding across the face. To keep cups constantly in motion, we recommend applying oil before cupping; there’s no better oil for the occasion than our OMNIA Face & Body Cupping Oil, formulated to make cupping easy and comfortable. This oil also treats skin to a dose of all-natural nourishing ingredients, and is safe for all skin types. When used with GLAM cups, this oil will create a smooth, silky surface for the cup to glide over, while supercharging mom’s skin with Omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamins E, A, C and D. You can practice cupping for beauty purposes without worrying about sustained cupping marks.



Trying to give Mom the full spa experience at home? Don’t forget about the BEyouTIFUL Spa Hair Band. This cozy wrap will keep your skin free and open, giving mom one less thing to worry about. It’s easy to make every day feel like spa day, once this easy item is added to Mom’s cupping therapy experience.

Facial Rolling: Happy Skin for a Happy Mom

Facial rolling is a simple, effective way of achieving lymphatic drainage. When moms wake up in the morning with puffy faces and tired eyes, rollers can move fluid around to decrease puffiness and inflammation. Our bodies carry out lymphatic drainage naturally; however, manual lymphatic drainage techniques, often are similar to the effects of a traditional massage, can help that process. Facial cupping purposes increases blood flow, which helps the body and skin absorb any creams or serums applied to the skin.

An old wives’ trick claims that a cold spoon held against under-eye skin can help reduce puffiness in the area. Whether or not there’s any truth to the tale, it’s safe to say we updated the approach, with a much prettier, much more effective option. We’re talking about the Rose Quartz Face Roller, a wildly popular Instagrammable addition to Mom’s beauty routine.

While jade rollers have also seen a comeback recently, jade will change temperature after prolonged contact with skin. Unlike jade, our quartz roller remains cool, and is far more durable.  The rose quartz is a sweet shade of pink, and has symbolized love and healing since it was first used thousands of years ago in Rome and Egypt.

When using a facial roller, roll outward, not inward, as pulling inward can pull on the skin. The cool stone of the facial roller can relieve under-eye puffiness. This gorgeous rose quartz roller will add a touch of glamour to her beauty counter and help her start her day feeling like the star she is.

Whether you’re looking to treat Mom, surprise your wife or give your aunt, sister or grandmother something to smile about, these cupping therapy products are the way to do it. Give the moms in your life something they desperately need: the gift of self-care. The GLAM Facial Cupping System pairs well with OMNIA Face & Body Cupping Oil and the Rose Quartz Face Roller, allowing Mom to leave her feet and prioritize her own wellbeing, in only minutes!

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Mothers who want to lead productive lives, while maintaining a toned appearance, certainly have their work cut out for them. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or a random Wednesday, there’s never a bad time to show some extra love to the mothers in your life. Help Mom clear her skin, freshen up her face and ease muscle and joint pain, thanks to lasting relief that only the world’s best modality can provide!


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