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The Rise of Cupping: A Vacuum-Sealed Path to Fitness for Athletes

Cupping therapy for athletes

Cupping therapy has become increasingly popular among athletes in recent years, especially after Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, was seen with distinctive cupping marks on his back during the 2016 Olympics.


The trend was back in the spotlight recently when American tennis pro Ben Shelton competed in the 2023 US Open with circular cupping marks visible on his arm during matches.


So what exactly is cupping therapy and why are so many elite athletes incorporating it into their training?


Cupping involves placing specialized cups on the skin to create suction and lift the tissue. Most commonly used on the back, neck, and shoulders, the suction promotes blood flow, eases muscle tension, and aids recovery.


Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Athletes

Athletes turn to cupping for its ability to provide the following benefits:

  1. Muscle Recovery- Cupping therapy massage is believed to promote muscle recovery by increasing blood flow to the muscles. This increased blood flow can help to flush out toxins and reduce pain associated with inflammation, which can speed up the healing process.
  1. Pain Management- The suction cups can help to release tension in the muscles, which can reduce pain and discomfort. Cupping therapy has been used to treat various types of pain, including back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.
  1. Performance Enhancement- By improving blood flow and reducing pain associated with inflammation, cupping therapy can help athletes to recover faster and perform better. Many athletes have reported feeling more energized and focused after a cupping therapy treatment session.


Gradual compression from the suction may also encourage new collagen production and skin elasticity over time. The temporary skin discoloration in distinctive circle patterns has made the therapy easy to spot on Olympians, swimmers, gymnasts, and more.


As cupping gains mainstream appeal, don't be surprised to spot those circular cupping marks on athletes as the coveted badge of faster fitness recovery. But cupping therapy and massage isn't just for pros!


If you want to experience the benefits of cupping therapy for yourself, check out Lure Essentials' easy-to-use cupping sets. Give it a try and you may find yourself recovering faster, feeling less soreness, and improving your athletic performance.