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GO CUP YOURSELF Part 1: Cupping for Self-Care

September 30, 2020 3 min read

GO CUP YOURSELF Part 1: Cupping for Self-Care - Lure Essentials


Jenn Slade, a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a pre-med student of Osteopathic Medicine shares advice on why you may consider adapting cupping at home for self-care.

Let’s talk about why you may want to consider adopting a cupping practice for yourself at home.

I am a big fan of cupping. I do a lot of cupping in my personal bodywork practice and in my personal life, and in my self-care routine outside of work as well.

One thing that I've found recently is that I am suggesting to a lot of my clients that they too start to develop a cupping self-care routine at home. And there are a few reasons for that.

HOMEWORK: I am really big on homework, on self-care, on showing up for yourself in a little increment every day and consistently doing the work. It helps reset muscle memory. And that's what gets us results. You can come in for a massage once every few weeks, once a month, once every six weeks, or whatever your schedule is, and that will do so much, and it helps so much. There are different treatment protocols and different frequencies in which somebody would come in for a bodywork session, depending on what their goals are; and that's unique for everybody.

CONSISTENCY: What I am finding is that the more that we consistently work on our body, the more that we can impact real healing in the tissue and in our bodies over time.

SELF-CARE: The more that you work on it, the faster you're going to see results. I am starting to transition more toward teaching my clients about self-bodywork, self-care, including cupping and other self-care tools that they can utilize at home. Especially now with the COVID pandemic, a lot of people are seeking more ways to work on themselves at home and to help keep their pain at bay, naturally. There are just so many things that we can do for ourselves within our homes.

I really like cupping for a lot of different things. One thing I cup on myself a lot is neck and shoulders. I'll take a ZENsilicone vacuum suction cup, and do some gliding work. Especially as a massage therapist, I find I get a lot of tightness in my hands and wrists, so I do a lot of self-massage there.

As a runner, I also cup my calves. I do a lot of beach running especially in the summer, so I do a lot of calf and quads cupping with ENERGY or EDGEcups.

FACIAL: I love doing facial cupping. It's a great way to help clear out lymph. I find that it helps my skin heal and look a lot healthier. As someone who has some scarring from acne, I find that cupping helps in general soften and break down scar adhesions.

I also strongly recommend cupping to my clients who have cesarean (C-section) scars or scarring from any kind of orthopedic surgery, accidents or injuries. Cupping can be really effective as a daily protocol for helping to break down scar tissue and increase mobility in those areas over time.

If you are interested in learning more about how to cup yourself at home, keep your eyes peeled right here, because I will be sharing more posts and creating more videos around treating specific issues, how to properly use the cups, the do’s and don’ts of cupping and so much more.

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Happy Cupping!