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Breast Cancer Prevention with Cupping Massage

October 01, 2015 3 min read

Breast Cancer Prevention with Cupping Massage - Lure Essentials

Pink Ribbon Month

This month we welcome another triumphant year raising awareness about breast cancer, honouring the survivors as well as ever importantly increasing the awareness of the disease.

The Pink Ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink Ribbon Month campaigns every year to remind women to perform self-exams to spot any early signs of breast cancer and helps to offer support and advice to anyone who may have the disease.

In support of the Pink Ribbon Month, we want to share one of the least talked about causes of breast cancer – environmental factors and toxicity. Majority of causes of breast cancer are not genetic, but environmentally driven. We are exposed to toxins and carcinogens on daily basis. They are found in polluted air, produce via pesticide, processed food, hormones, in our personal care products, makeup and cleaning supplies just to name a few. So instead of talking about more familiar ways to prevent cancer like poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking or excess consumption of alcohol, we want to bring your attention to ways we can detox our body to rid of these harmful toxins.
Colon cleanse via juicing, detox tea or certain supplements are just some of the known ways we can detox our immune system, but did you know that Lymphatic drainage is one of the fastest and most effective ways to expel toxins? Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique which can help drain the toxic built up and is typically performed via massage, dry body brushing, cupping and cupping massage therapy.

A little more about Lymphatic Drainage

Recent medical studies support the use of massage for increasing the production of the natural hormone oxytocin. Reports show that oxytocin induces significant growth inhibition of breast cancer cells as well as an ability to remove free radicals associated with cellular metabolic processes.

Cupping massage stretches and opens our lymphatic vessels helping increase blood circulation and movement of lymph which in turn helps carry out toxins and fluids out of our body. This cleansing process aids the breast tissue by reducing the accumulated waste, inflammation, rejuvenating breast tissue and potentially assisting the body in breaking down any benign cysts in the area.

With multiple resources at our fingertips available today, women are more proactive in prevention. In addition to incorporating a healthy diet and exercise, we must remember to perform regular self-exams and get regular mammogram screening. To prevent lymph blockage, massage should be considered as an integral treatment in maintaining a healthy body and breast tissue.

Home breast care is easier today more than ever. Incorporating LURE simple and easy to use silicone massage vacuum cups in the shower or dry with any lubricant or body oil will help boost lymphatic flow and help carry out any unwanted waste and toxins from our bodies.

Cupping massage is also fantastic for massage breast therapy and can be used to reduce scarring, support healing and stimulate the immune system (especially after the trauma of treatment). Cupping relies on lifting of the tissue rather than pressure resulting in minimum discomfort. Massage Cupping can also relax the mind and reduce stress.
Ensure to take these precautions to help decrease your risk of developing breast cancer, and get involved and support the cause too!

Supporting Pink Ribbon Month...
We are passionate about Pink Ribbon Month, and choose to support and help the cause where ever we can. To commemorate Pink Ribbon Month in October this year, we have designed a Special Edition Pink Ribbon Cupping Massage Care Kit with Hope and Support Messages. From every sale we will donate $5 to organizations supporting women affected by breast cancer.

We aim to support women going through treatment and provide real direct help to those affected, and we hope to continue to raise awareness and help with prevention. For your convenience, you can purchase our Special Edition Pink Ribbon cups on AMAZON or our e-commerce STORE. Thank you for your support!


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