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GLAM Face and Eye Cupping Set - Pink

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Facial Cupping is trending on today's beauty scene and has all of Hollywood Buzzing!
Red-Carpet Results in less than 10 mins.
TINY cups = BIG benefits!
Contours face, plumps lips, erases lines.
No downtime, which means instant results.


GLAM Face Cupping Facial: Small Cups - Big Benefits: 2 Face, 2 Eye silicone facial cups with FREE antimicrobial brush for cleansing or exfoliating

PRECISION CUPPING: for Face Eyes & Lips - lifts tones sculpts face - no down time

VISIBLY: reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial contours , boost collagen and elasticity

IMPROVE: depth and efficacy of skincare products serums oils and creams, relax facial tension & tightness

FEEL and SEE results or your money back! Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, go with the proven brand celebrities and high-end spas trust time and time again. Happy Cupping!

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