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EDGE Cupping Set - Clear

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  • ★ SIMPLY THE BEST CUPPING SET: Try the #1 Trusted, preferred & most recommended brand and choice of clinics, massage therapists, medical professionals, TCM (Chinese Cupping practitioners), health and beauty spas, athletes.
  • ★ 5 Min of CUPPING = 30 Min of Deep Tissue Massage. Activate lymphatic system, detox your body, improve respiratory function
  • ★ Works for muscle & joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, neck and shoulder tension, stress, breaks up fascia & reduces cellulite
  • ★ Set includes: 4 cups for any type of massage and body work, trigger point and myofascial release: 1 X-Large (2.75"), 1 Large (2"), 1 Medium (1.5"), 1 Small (1.25") cupping cups, professional video tutorials & step by step instructions.
  • ★ LURE PROMISE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: YOU deserve the BEST! Accept no substitutes. We stand behind every product, offer best customer support and a lifetime product replacement warranty.

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