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Anti Cellulite Vacuum Suction Cups

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  • ★CELLULITE CUPS that WORK: Our anti cellulite silicone vacuum cups do not slip, are just the right size and pliability to EFFECTIVELY target cellulite, and tight IT band. Look for the name LURE on your cups and be confident you are buying the ORIGINAL cups that actually WORK!
  • ★Unlike Cheap Generic Cups, LURE cups are CUSTOM designed with YOU in mind in USA and guarantee quality and functionality. Choose the leading brand industry professionals choose time and time again!
  • ★TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND! 5 Min of CUPPING = 30 Min of Deep Tissue Massage. Manage acute & chronic pain, boost immune system, restore mobility, Fascia bound? Cupping can reach up to 4” deep inside the tissue producing extraordinary results.
  • ★YOUR Set includes 2 Cups: 1 Large 2” and 1 Small 1.5” diameter for any type of body work PLUS storage bag, step by step instructions and video tutorials.
  • ★LURE PROMISE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: YOU deserve the BEST! Accept no substitutes. We stand behind every product, offer best customer support and a lifetime product replacement warranty. How's That for Standing Behind Our Product?