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Cellulite Massager - Wet or Dry

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Sculpt, Tone and Contour!
Stimulate Natural Elastin and Collagen Production
Smooth the Appearance of Cellulite
Increase Blood Flow, Circulation, and Qi (Chi) Energy
Release Pressure Points, Body Tension and Muscle Knots
Release Facia (Connective Tissue)
Reduce Body Stress and Tension
Accelerate Muscle Recovery Time
Stimulate the Lymphatic System (Detox)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Great product!

    I love all of my lure products including this one. I use myself then when satisfied I recommend to clients as well.

    Verified Purchase

    love this, helping with breaking up my cellulite!

    t of 5 starsGood quality at a decent price. Using it for faschia release and it helps.

    Interesting contraption. I use it for myofascial release and seems to be helping.
    Reasonably priced and good quality piece. Thanks.

    Five Stars

    works great in the shower

    WOW!! It actually works!!

    Who would have thought something so small, so simple, so affordable would actually work. Honestly, I took a chance. I'll be honest, I wasn't looking for a cellulite remover, I was searching for something like this that would go deep to massage my muscles and increase circulation. I ran onto this gadget. I have neuropathy due to a genetic nerve disease. When I read it could remove cellulite I thought I could get double the benefit. I AM NOT KIDDING when I say I have only used this for 3 days and I can already feel and see a difference. I must have had cellulite. HOW CAN THIS THING WORK?? But it does. Who cares how, makes no sense to me but it does. Don't waste your money on expensive items, just get this thing. It works!!