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XTRM XNRGY™ Cupping Set

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XTRM™ XNRGY™ – a groundbreaking multi-tasking cupping set that fuses cupping and acupressure therapy due to the added acupressure nods. Used for stationary and dynamic cupping to help increase circulation, reduce pain, improve mobility, flexibility and athletic performance via myofascial decompression. Helps break up fascial adhesions and improve the appearance of skin’s firmness and tone. (patent-pending)


  1. Prior to cupping apply oil or emollient to clean skin for better seal

or use in the shower with water and body wash.

  1. Compress the cup, apply to target area, release to create suction.

STATIONARYcupping: leave on for 3-5 minutes. You may also lift & release, rotate the cup or move side to side.

DYNAMIC cupping external glide(massage): suction the cup to target area, glide up/down or side to side.

DYNAMICcupping internal glide: suction the cup for 3-5 minutes, then perform slow active movement with cups positioned over the affected area.

FLASHcupping: suction to the target area, lift the cup up, release, reposition to next area and repeat.

  1. Enjoy the feeling of muscle relaxation & improved mobility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Bonnie Sparks
works great

I really love the cups. they are easy to move and great suction.

Allan Beberniss
Massage Cupping

My massage therapist used cupping on me for the first time the day I ordered my own sets! I love them! I just used them on my wife tonight! She loves them as well! Great Product!

Marney Thomas. M.A., C.M.T.
Game changer!

These cups enable me to effectively relieve pain and restore movement. My clients love their results!

Johnia Redd

Easy to use and great effects

Diego Leon
Great cupping set

Love love!!