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Sole Serenity Detox Foot Pads with Zeolite


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Look Closer: Hidden Heavy Metals In Plain Sight

Sole Serenity Detox Foot Pads are an overnight cleansing treatment that gently extracts heavy metals, chemicals, metabolic waste and environmental pollutants through the feet’ 7,000 porous sweat glands and pores while you sleep. The pads work by promoting drainage and filtration as you rest, helping remove toxins that can build up from stress, diet, and other lifestyle factors. Made 100% with minerals and botanicals, Sole Serenity pads are easy to use, safe and effective. 


What Makes Sole Serenity™ Better Than Any Other Foot Detox Pads



*ZEOLITE is a volcanic mineral and a key active ingredient that gives Sole Serenity pads their powerful cleansing properties. It has a unique honeycomb-like cage structure at the microscopic level, with negatively charged openings. This composition allows zeolite to effectively trap and bind to positively charged toxins, heavy metals, and other contaminants from the body.

When the Sole Serenity pads are applied to the soles of the feet overnight, the zeolite cages attract and capture environmental pollutants, metabolic waste products, and chemicals that accumulate in the body. Like a magnet, zeolite's negative structure draws in and traps the positively charged bad particles that can contribute to inflammation, fatigue, brain fog, and more.

No other detox ingredient can cleanse the body through a similar ion exchange process. This makes zeolite a hugely effective and safe detoxifier.

Not only does zeolite pull harmful debris into itself, but it then exchanges those toxic particles for beneficial nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. So rather than just removing toxins, zeolite replaces them with minerals the body needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Natalie Burlak
Great product!

My whole family loves them! Not sure if it's related, but I lost food cravings after a week of using Sole Serenity. Could this be my secret weapon to weight loss just in time for summer? Fingers crossed! Btw, I recommend wearing socks and washing your feet in the morning to remove all the toxins the pads collected overnight. Mine turned a thick brown color with an unpleasant smell.

John S.

As a busy mom and a business owner, I often neglect my own health. But since I started using Sole Serenity Detox Foot Pads, I've noticed a difference in my energy and overall motivation to take care of myself. I exercise more and my baby weight is finally coming off.

N. Yakusheva
Deep Cleansing

Starts working day 1 as evident by the "morning after" foot patch. I do regular heavy metal detox and parasites cleanses, infrared sauna and take pure body extra zeolite and fulvic minerals to support by body in elimination process. This is what prompted me to try this brand over others. It has the zeolite mineral which I already know works well as it is an incredible binder for heavy metals and chemicals. I wish the brand offered a subscription for these pads so I don't have to remember to re-order them every couple of weeks.

Great sleep !!!

I've been using this product.. and I must say, by the next day I feel amazing


Sleep betterI've always had trouble falling and staying asleep, but since my functional doc told me to try these detox pads, I'm sleeping way better and therefore waking up happier. No more melatonin for me, these pads are the real deal.