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Wrinkle Filler and Remover

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  • Relax your wrinkles. Our unique formula provides continuous moisture and soft cloth non-irritating patches help train the underlying facial muscles to regain firmness & elasticity to expression lines, forehead, crow's feet and décolletage. Soft non-irritating, no sticky mess or residue.
  • A necessary MUST for side or tummy sleeper - works by drawing skin's own moisture to surface plumping out existing wrinkles and boosting collagen. Targets entire brow/forehead area and cleavage / décolletage. Cut in ½ and apply over laugh lines.
  • Celebrity favorite wrinkle patches made with our unique formula: Hydrogel, Seaweed Extract, Vitamin E and a powerful Antioxidant - Anthocyanin for younger radiant skin.
  • Quality you can see and feel. Deep hydrating action. Anti-wrinkle patch stays securely in place. For ALL Skin Types. Easy on/off. Can be worn comfortably during the day or overnight. Suggested use: 2 patches per week.
  • Tension, sun exposure, sadness & frowning are just some of the reasons forehead wrinkles are created. Left untreated or uncared for, they become deeper. Take action today – reduce and prevent wrinkles and creases safely and naturally. Regular use of the patch may help prevent you from frowning (condition your mimic) and developing new wrinkles in the future.