Best addition to my self-care regime. I take it everywhere!

Natalie W., Lure Customer

Silicone Sponge - Original

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Customer Reviews

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  • THE ONLY MAKEUP SPONGE YOU’LL EVER USE: for liquid makeup foundation, powder, BB, CC Cream, tinted moisturizers, concealers and tanning lotions.
  • EASY APPLICATION: with buildable coverage and no product waste. Made with hypoallergenic anti-bacterial SOFT food grade silicone, NOT the hard PU (Polyurethane) material like other brands.
  • ECONOMICAL: Saves money by extending life of your beauty and makeup products and on disposable sponges and applicators.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE & EASY to CLEAN: Made with 100% Food Grade silicone and TPU film. Does not cost or stain like Beauty Blender. Hypoallergenic - best for ANY skin type. Just wash in warm soapy water and pat dry.
  • WARRANTY: When you buy LURE® Beauty sponges you are covered by our warranty for this fun and practical applicator for your makeup bag. Grab some for yourself and your girlfriends while supplies last. Great for professional makeup artists. Stock sells out fast, get your sili sponge today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent service!

The silicone beauty blender arrived quickly and as described. I would happily shop from this seller again in the future. Excellent service! Thanks so much!

I am a beauty blender fanatic and I didn't really think I would like anything better but I have b...

I am really impressed with this little thing...I am a beauty blender fanatic and I didn't really think I would like anything better but I have been using this with really great results! First a beauty blender is kind of a pain...and it never really seems to get all the way clean..with this you can just wipe it off or run it under water. It's always clean so it's not putting bacteria back into your pores. It's also really easy to use and made my foundation look really even and blended without a lot of effort. I didn't waste even one drop of foundation using this like my blender does! It's flexible and easy to apply liquids into areas like around the nose as well. I'm totally sold!! The quality seems great with this one and it came in a little pouch which you can store it in. LOVE!!


This sponge is AMAZING!!! I used it to day and saved so much foundation!! Easy to use and application is perfect!!! Highly recommend!

Get rid of those old make-up applicators, THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE! :D

So let me tell you something about this Silicone Sponge. IT IS AMAZING. I read countless number of reviews on this before I purchased and watched some make-up tutorials/reviews via YouTube before buying it. I have used so many different styles of foundation/make-up applicators and this one takes the cake. It did take some getting use to as it is made of silicone and is a different consistency compared to foundation sponges and brushes that I would normally use. I would put a small amount of foundation on it and it would spread evenly on my face WITHOUT wasting any product. My old brushes and sponge applicators would soak so much product in it and now I find myself saving money on foundation because instead of going (and staying) on my brushes this silicone sponge puts all the product on my face like it should. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TO ALL OF MY MAKE-UP FRIENDS EVERYWHERE! Like I said it takes getting use to but after you try it a few times its amazing! Also when it comes to cleaning the silicone sponge, IT IS SO EASY! Just soap and water works great after use. So much more cleaner than brushes and old sponge applicators.

Softer and better for application than Molly’s silisponge

I really wanted to find a new option for my makeup application, and after seeing tons of press for silisponge by Molly Cosmetics I had to try it. Unfortunately I was disappointed how hard it was to use the sili sponge. Turns out their sponge is not made of silicone (deceived by the “sili” name), but made with thicker harder polyurethane coating. Now I understand why the reviews were so negative. A friend happened to buy Lure’s sponge and was happy with the results. When I compared 2 sponges I realized that there was a difference in how both felt. Turns out that Lure’s sponges are made with silicone (company representative confirmed) which is softer and more flexible and that is what makes their sponge better for my foundation application, spreading and blending. Naturally, I had to get one from Lure. People, I must say, there is a difference! There may be a ton of these sponges all over the internet, but it matters which one you buy. It’s all in the quality of the material. Now I see they are releasing sponges with sparkles, can’t wait for when they get those in stock!
Thank you!

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