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ION Qi Negative ION Cupping Set

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Set of 2 Body Cups: 1 Large, 1 Small

★ The Next Generation in Cupping Therapy - IONIC Power results driven patent-pending formula fuses powerful Cupping Massage Therapy with the benefits of Negative Ion Technology. Our team engineered a unique blend of negative ions and combined the formula with silicone massage cups to bring you the ultimate experience in Massage Cupping Treatment.

★ Warms the body and allows Qi (vital energy or life force) and blood to flow freely. Negative Ions are known to help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, stress, increase energy and balance, improve mood and alertness, activate immune system, aid in detoxifying, cleansing and healing. Detox your body, improve respiratory function, helps lower blood pressure, relax muscles, relieve joint pain, fibromyalgia, regulate hormones, release endorphins, promote healing, improve sleep.

★ Turn Your Life Around! 5 Minutes of CUPPING = 30 Minutes of Deep Tissue Massage. One of the BEST GIFTS You Can GIVE Yourself and Your Loved Ones! MASSAGE can help you feel human again! Stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles, reduce post-surgery adhesions, ease medication dependence, reduce spasms and cramping, lessen depression and anxiety. Visibly firm skin, loose inches & weight, reduce cellulite, stretch marks, scars, spider veins, improve digestive function & more.

★ YOUR Set includes: 2 Cups for any type of body work, trigger point or myofascial release : 1 Large (2”) and 1 Small (1.5”) inner diameter opening, storage bag, step by step instructions and video tutorials.★ TAKE CONTROL of your health today! TRY It Risk FREE. YOU deserve the BEST! We stand behind every product, offer support and a lifetime replacement warranty

Customer Reviews

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Feels great!

I did not purchase these but they were given to me a gift since I have such bad back issues. I was leery using them since I had no clue and couldn't reach the area that needed massaging, I decided to use on my thighs and calves on both of my legs.. I used coconut oil for massage oil first then squeezed the cups to suction on my legs. I left it on each leg for several minutes then moved them around a little in a circular motion. I then moved them to do in a different spot. Felt very good. It felt very nice and relaxing when the massage was over. I use these quit often and they work great.