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Foot and Hand Massage Roller

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  • ★ HAND & FOOT REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE: In a comfort of your home, office or gym. Wooden Stress Relief Foot Therapy Massage Roller
  • ★ ACUPRESSURE & PAIN RELIEF - Relieve hand stiffness, arthritis pain and carpal tunnel. Restore joint function, relieve tendon pain, numbness or tingling in your toes and fingers
  • ★ ENERGIZE YOUR WHOLE BODY & ROLL AWAY STRESS: Improve blood circulation and Qi (energy). Helps reduce inflammation.
  • ★ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Roll over your hands, inside wrists, shoulders, arms, legs and feet
  • ★ GREAT FOR: Runners, Dancers, Yoga, Gymnasts, Athletes. Everyone can benefit from this perfect stress relief roller. Light & compact enough for travel.

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