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Dry Body Brush Mitts for Cellulite (Set of 2)

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Firmer, baby soft skin is now possible with our exclusive Dry Body Brushing Duo Set!

Dry Body Brush for Cellulite - Vegan Sisal and Jute for Dry Skin Exfoliating, Brushing and Massage.

2 pack: 1 Sisal and 1 Jute gloves for dry body brushing. Jute (brown) is for sensitive skin and more delicate area like decolletage or can be used before heavy duty deep brushing with the sisal glove.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD START DRY SKIN BRUSHING TODAY: increase circulation, activate lymphatic system (detox), reduce cellulite, improve skin and muscle tone
  • WHY LURE DRY BRUSHING MITTS ARE BETTER: Made with love vegan and sustainable Sisal and Jute fiber
  • LOVE: your skin and how dry brushing makes you look and feel!