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DISCOVERY Beginner Cupping Lymphatic Set

joint support
muscle recovery

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A perfect starter set for anyone new to cupping. Experiment with Lure’s EDGE, ZEN and ENERGY cups and find a cup that’s right for your personal goals and needs.

BEST FOR:  Soft tissue & lymphatic massage, common muscle, joint & nerve pain, sports injuries, mobility, respiratory and immune support, digestive health, plantar fasciitis, scars & adhesions, cellulite, weight management, body toning & more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dina Batiste

i just got my package but notice that i needed oil, which i got on the4th, so i have done only 1 application so far

Great for beginners

This is a really great set for a beginner! You can try different kinds of cups to see which ones you like the best for certain uses. I am very excited to have discovered cupping and am already a believer in the practice.

Jaeren Tredway
The Ionic Cups are Strong

Even though the Ionic cups are not very tall, the suction is as strong as a traditional glass fire cup. And they are much easier to use, just slap 'em on. The quality is fantastic, really nicely made with silicone. And because they are not heavy like glass is, you can sit up while using them and they won't fall off. The other larger cups are really nice as well if you want to slide them around.

Antonine Michel Hodgson
I purchased several items

Just started and I’m loving it

DeeDee Doering
Relieves Pain Without Meds

I work at a computer for 10 hours per day. I get really bad tension in my neck and shoulders. I usually take two ibuprofen tablets per day to deal with it. I bought the Discovery set and especially enjoy the Energy cups. I bring them to work and snap them on the areas with the most pain and after a few minutes those areas feel much better. Much of the time after doing that I won’t need to take ibuprofen.