"I have been using the 1 x Mega Fascia Massager for approximately 2 weeks now. I see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of cellulite on my legs and buttocks."

Lena B., Lure customer

Cellulite Massager Fascia Stick

muscle recovery
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Lure Essentials original design. Don't compromise on quality and performance.

Results driven wood therapy massage roller stick helps smooth appearance of cellulite, supports healthy blood and lymph flow by releasing stuck fascia, improves skin firmness and tone.

Made of natural wood, our bendable MEGA massage roller stick is 18” long with ergonomic constructions and (4) – 2” diameter free spinning balls anti-slip comfort grip handles provide TRUE therapeutic relief. For Professional and Home use.

★ OUTPERFORMS ANY OTHER MASSAGE STICK: Better fascia connective tissue penetration than ANY foam roller or muscle roller stick! Use the MEGA massager for stretching and breaking up fascia (fascial adhesions), for trigger point massage, Carpal Tunnel, IT Band, Sciatica, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and so much more! Great for neck, shoulders, upper & lower back, hips, legs, feet, arms, buttocks and abs for contour work and sculpting.

★ CELLULITE BLASTER & BODY SHAPER THAT WORKS! Our unique design works deep as a fat and cellulite blaster. It works fast to break up fat cells resulting in a smoother, dimple free look. Flaunt a leaner, more defined and toned body! Our customers observe nearly instant results after using just a few times a week. “My skin was so smooth and my cellulite in the area I used the stick is completely gone. And this was after 1 use only”

★ USE FOR YOUR FASCIA and FEEL IMMEDIATE RELIEF: Tight fascia can cause joint pain, lack of mobility, pinched nerves, tingling sensations, as well as numbness. LURE Massager Stick can open nerve activity, unblock restrictions, support healthy circulation so the body can start functioning properly again.18” long, ergonomic constructions with (4) – 2” diameter free spinning balls anti-slip comfort grip handles provide TRUE therapeutic relief. For Professional and Home use.

★ OUR PROMISE: This will be your last and only massage stick you'll ever buy. You'll love the results and how it makes you look and feel. Effectively reduce knots and muscle soreness, increase flexibility & mobility, boost energy, improve speed, agility & posture, great for pain and muscle stiffness.

HOW TO GUIDE PDF instructions, show you how fast and easy it is to achieve desired results.

★ A must for any athlete for pre-workout warm up and post-workout cool down. Recommended by Fitness Trainers, Coaches, Athletes, Chiropractors, Physical Massage Therapy, CrossFit, Bodybuilders, Runners, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball players, Dancers and Gymnasts!

Customer Reviews

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kelly kallel
Great massager

I really like using this in the shower,it glides nice.this massager is easy to us and doesn't hurt like the expensive facia blaster,this is so much better at a great price.thank you.

Jennifer Long

This tool certainly broke up my adhesions. My left leg was significantly bruised all over from it. My right leg had no bruising! It definitely does something. Not sure it helped my cellulite but it loosened my leg for sure.

JC Mancour
My Myofascial Massage Stick

I have chronic issues with lower back and IT band tightness. This device is so easy and keeps my muscles loose and flexible when I can’t get to my myofascial release therapist. I like that it is so light and small enough that I can take it with me when I know I will have more physically stressful days. Thank you for a great affordable product!

Karen Thomas

I’m very impressed with the quality of my products. I’m loving the facial cupping. It’s a safe way to give a lift to those contraindicated for micro current. You can see the results immediately. I’m very pleased 😀

The best!!

Loosens up the fascia in seconds! I am an LMT and often have to spend over an hour on my partner's back to get progress because his fascia is always so tight. With this tool I felt it loosen up within a few minutes! He felt the difference too and it brought him alot of relief. I'm so glad I bought this on a whim.

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