Best addition to my self-care regime. I take it everywhere!

Natalie W., Lure Customer

Acupressure & Reflexology Mat

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Self-treatment in a comfort of your home, office or gym. Just a few minutes a day relieves tired feet, helps improve posture and balance. Makes an excellent foot rest under desk. Quality Durable Material with magnets helps address chronic and acute pain.

Improve circulation, increase energy, ease stress and tension, relieve foot pain, plantar fasciitis. Stimulate reflexology points, restore flexibility, strengthen foot arches with this acupressure disc. Great for Runners, Dancers, Yoga, Gymnasts, Athletes. Everyone can benefit from this perfect foot pain relief disc.

Comes in a beautiful ready to gift box with reflexology chart and easy to follow instructions. Makes a thoughtful gift for yourself, co-workers, family, friends and loved ones. Will make your grandpa or grandma very happy!

Customer Reviews

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Acupressure review

I got it for my mother and it was a bit sharp and pointy for her feet but I enjoy it very much. I'm sure she'll get used to it.


I love this thing! I had a pain in my foot for the past 3 months that using the disc 3 times completely eliminated. It takes a little getting used to but is well worth it. The energizing feeling you get from using it is an added bonus. Will be ordering more for friends and family.

Great product


Tricia Grace Meets Lure AcuFit Energy Disc

Hi. I like trying out products & sharing the reviews with everyone. I decided to start VLOGGING about health and beauty items. I was so impressed by the quality of their cupping system that I jumped at the chance to try more of their products. I asked if I could try the Lure Home Spa Magnetic Reflexology & Acupressure Therapy Massage Disc since I have very flat feet which constantly cause me problems. This takes some getting used to especially if you have really over stressed feet. At first, it was hard for my husband & I to stand on it because it hurt our feet, but after a week, we can stand on it & roll out our feet like the directions say to do. When I first tried this I felt it was a little pokey. My toes tingled and they actually started to itch! It was the craziest feeling. It was like the circulation in my feet was coming alive. When I would step off the disc my feet felt more alive. I have since been using this and my favorite way is to use it while I'm sitting down and typing. It is a less intense "waking up " of the feet. It doesn't say what it is made of, but it seems quite sturdy and that it's made of a hard rubber?? My husband weighs 210 pounds and it holds up to him perfectly. I also had friends and family try it, including teenagers and it stood up to all of them. The key to this is consistency, and you will be happy, I hope this helps you all decide.

I love it!!!

I love it!!!

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